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Hosting Source was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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HostingSource Inc. - Web Hosting Solutions

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hostsource, hostedsource

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CORPORATE OFFICE: 59 East Main Suite A Lovell, WY 82431

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Hosting Source Reviews 2018

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Review of by Anon on 2014/05/17 at 06:28
Bad bad bad

They wouldn't help me when my server stopped working

Review of by Amlodt on 2014/04/12 at 13:27
Yes Terrible support!!! I order Dedicated server But he is give vps not actual dedicated server the company very bad dont buy
Review of by prentice byrd on 2013/09/10 at 01:21
Their support is NOT support it is a third world country customer service line whose phones DO Not Work. The toll free number is simple a middle point with reps that read a script and no matter what the issue is you will be told to send an email to the support team.
Review of by Mariana Pinto on 2013/07/18 at 10:49
I've been with Hostingsource for 4 months after a friend of mine recommended them when I was complaining about my webhost. I decided to contact them and ask what I'd receive exactly. Their support replied fast and found a good fit (VPS hosting solutions) for my needs. their '50%discount' code save a good sum of money for me.
All I want to say is that the service is absolutely outstanding, the techs are knowledgeable and the hardware rocks. They answered any of my requests in less then few minutes and solved each one of them as fast as possible.
I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools they provide which I did not expect at all.
Their pricing is also extremely fair, especially when considering their reliability, service and support.
Review of by Philipp Klug on 2013/07/01 at 10:31
I'd like to say that I am happy with the hosting service provided by the company I deal with. it is web host. It is not only fast, but the cusomer support response time is almost immediate. I contacted them to ask for help in setting up my website and they were very fast and solved any troubles I faced - Great Customer Support service.
In addition to the great customer service, you get plenty options, plenty of space and usage and at a great value.
Uptime is good, my site is always up and I am happy. the pages load fast.
There are many scripts available - this looks to be suitable for my future project.
This has been my experience so far with web host.
Review of by Lachlan Tomasson on 2013/06/13 at 08:37
I have been using HostingSource service for a long time. I can express the point that I am fully-satisfied using their services.
Well, I have never noticed any downtimes even if there were any. The servers are fast and responsive.
Their control panel is c-panel in everything but name; database set-up is pretty straightforward, ftp is no problem.
I started thinking to move all my sites to this decent web host.
I am glad, everything works like a clock.. Double Thumbs Up to these guys.
Review of by Therese Miner on 2013/05/23 at 07:50
After a hard search on Google and web hosting review sites and especially on the WHT. I decided to go with Hostingsource. Of course, I was a bit hesitant at first, but decide to give it a go anyway since the price is really sweet. And even on the first time some things went not as I expected. So far that took short period of time to get everything fixed. The set up fee was FREE, the monthly charge is ridiculously small, and it offers all of the services I wanted (PHP, MySQL, etc.) Many control panel tools allow you to track every single bit of statistics that I would ever want to know about my site.
In addition, I love the respect, honesty, and bending over backwards they have done for me during the move and setting up everything. My website is up and running and I love it! Their list of extra software installations is huge. During the time I have been dealing with them, network uptime is perfect and when I had some technical questions, their support was always ready to assist.
Thank them a lot.
Review of by German on 2011/12/12 at 21:25
Terrible support!!!
Review of by sergey on 2011/05/24 at 18:51
best hosting site ever. prompt and very competitive pricing

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