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Host Java was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

Website title - JAVA Hosting, JSP Hosting, TOMCAT Hosting, JBOSS Hosting - we know that all things work together - professional java hosting solutions

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Java hosting packages (JAVA Hosting, TOMCAT Hosting, JBOSS Hosting, JSP Hosting). Our web hosting packages are suitable for everyone, from novices to technically advanced experts. The all-inclusive web hosting service consists of fast and sta

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Review of by Tim Johns on 2013/10/14 at 07:36
I really had the worst experience ever.

I was pretty happy at the beginning but after a month, I started to face many different issues. The customer service is very low to respond and even slower to take actions and fix it. I changed to a better one (cannot be worse) since.

Do not pick this company, ever!
Review of by Mitch Statz on 2011/09/13 at 05:20
Wow that's pretty much the exact same experience I am having right now. They moved all my stuff to a new server without telling me and are now claiming they sent me an email about it a while ago. I never delete emails like that and have no record of it. It's not even in the emails they have on their system for us to review if we do delete emails we get from them. They moved a good portion of the regular java files, but not all of them and COMPLETELY lost my databases. Here's what they have to say about that fun bit "If any of the files/updates are missing, you are required to restore the data from your local backups." Yeah because everyone keeps daily backups of every site. I went for a hosted solution for a REASON, mainly so I DON'T have to keep everything backed up daily since that's what I pay them for. btw, the only reason I knew the site was down is a user told me, not them. Had to change DNS info for the domain even, they couldn't even keep my domains on the same DNS. I'm cutting my losses and running far away. Luckily I have the website project files still, but the data is a complete loss.
Review of by David Thompson on 2011/08/22 at 06:18
They really toasted me several times. First after the trial they have no auto-pay so I was unpaid. Many days of downtime while my money was paid through paypal (never use someone that relies on paypal for your website) and they left me down for many days while I had to respond to some specific paypal invoice even thoug they had money in my account. First instance of 24/7 trouble ticket but no response . Total bs. Then they moved servers and lost every single file that was not under webapps even though I was doing private tomcat that looks like you have a server but no they saved no configuration (or file) above webapps. They suppport postgres but they lost that database and will not even answer my trouble tickets. I know they will probably crash my site (which will not restart if they restart the main server I am on). Unless you are some kind of real linux hacker to keep up with their total lack of resources move on. I am going to google or amazon cloud to not have to deal with this bs. I know the more I complain the more my downtime increases but I already lost the confidence of the customer I set this up for so nothing real secure will be on here again. No I am not some shill I am a real person feeling like Cartman on south park. If you aren't going to buy me a drink how can you f my like this? Please just respond to the open trouble ticket or just kill my site and let me move on.

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