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Host Papa was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Contact Information 1623 Military Road #1013 Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1745 E-mail:

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Review of by Anthony on 2011/11/08 at 22:18
stay away! there is nothing unlimited about their service except for the lies and headaches. Bad people to deal with.
Review of by Barry B on 2009/10/29 at 01:29
I've had a couple of sites on HostPapa for 2 years now and am very happy with the service, cost, and dependability.
My video files load fast, and I have experienced very little (really no) down time. The user control panel is very good, and the available features are more than I need. Excellent value.
Review of by Dave B on 2009/09/26 at 13:54
About 2 years ago I was shopping for a local (Oakville, Ontario) webhost and liked hostpapa's site and green energy policy. However, over these past two years, my websites have all suffered days of downtime each month, sluggish speeds (now after finally transferring away they told me the had bandwidth limits on my sites !!! 10kb download!).

I can not warn you strongly enough not to use hostpapa - their service and tech support were inadequate and often did not get back to me at all.

After being forced to change hosts, they cut off my site before the transfer completed and offered NOTHING when I asked for a refund on the 5 years of hosting I've paid for in advance. This company don't deserve your business.

Use any other service in the world and you'll be ten times happier.

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