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Hostpoint AG - Günstiges Webhosting und weltweite Registrierung von Domains

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Hostpoint AG, The Data Residence

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hostingpoint, hostspoint

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Hostpoint AG St. Dionysstrasse 31 Postfach 8640 Rapperswil-Jona Schweiz Telefon: 0844 040404 Telefax: 0844 090909 E-Mail:

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Review of by Little Boy on 2014/05/31 at 15:01
Great Host,

I moved from Hostgator...
They offer a great service for the fair price.
Highly recommended among swiss hosting competition
Review of by Markus on 2014/04/15 at 16:45
Worst hosting ever!! All their contracts and terms of conditions are just their to basically screw you at any time. I missed so much those companies that used to respect their customers. Stay away from!

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