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I Netsolut Ions was founded in 2001 and is now 17 years in business.

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Dedicated Servers & Shared Hosting Solutions - eCommerce & Design Services

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i-NetSolutions offers dedicated web servers, VPS hosting, Atlanta colocation, web hosting, ecommerce services and design services. Make your selection from our wide array of services for virtual private servers, managed service, unmanaged service, php, as

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Internet Solutions, LLC 2375 Wesley Chapel Rd Ste 3-1277 Decatur, GA 30035 US 877-322-4678 877-322-4678

I Netsolut Ions Reviews 2018

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Review of i-netsolutions.net by Riley Williams on 2014/05/10 at 19:14
RIDALYH POWELL, THE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY HAS STOLEN MY WEBSITE AND ALL OF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!!! She BILLED me for a hosting server, RECEIVED my payment, and then PROMPTLY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL OF MY WEBSITES?? Ridalyh has COMPLETELY compromised my BUSINESS, and RUINED my relationships with people whom I hosted on the server I rented from her!!! Not only that, my OWN website is ALSO offline!!! I managed to find the company whom physically stores Ridalyh's servers on their property and it turns out that she didn't pay HER storage bill with them either!!! NOW, I CAN'T run MY business, I CAN'T get my intellectual property back (my website, my data, my ARCHIVES, or all of the files and data for the OTHER websites I hosted) - AND, I can't REACH THIS WOMAN by telephone because the PHONE NUMBER (770-987-3937) HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED!!!! After much research on the internet, I found that she had filed for BANKRUPCY!!! I have been this woman's LONGEST customer: from 2001 - 2014!! HOW THE HELL COULD SHE BILL ME, STEAL MY MONEY AND THEN IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN HER SERVER/ MY BUSINESS WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME THAT SHE WAS IN TROUBLE AND THAT I SHOULD PREPARE TO MOVE MY BUSINESS TO ANOTHER PROVIDER??? AFTER FOURTEEN YEARS OF LOYAL PATRONAGE???? I WANT ALL OF MY DATA BACK, RIDALYAH!!! RELEASE THE INFORMATION TO GNAX!!! ANSWER MY CALLS!!! RESPOND TO MY LETTERS!!! GIVE ME BACK MY INFORMATION SO THAT I CAN CONTINUE MY BUSINESS WITH A RELIABLE PROVIDER!!!

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