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Indic Host was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

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Hosting Services - Web hosting & Domain names | Indichosts.net

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Web hosting on Windows or Linux server for your business. Create your online identity with business email hosting with domain name registration.

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indichost, indichosting

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Indichosts.net Office 301, Sethi Bhavan 7 Rajendra Place New Delhi Delhi,110008 IN Tel. +1.7038807474 General: info @ indichosts.net Support: support @ indichosts.net

Indic Host Reviews 2018

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Review of indichosts.net by Freeborn on 2012/06/11 at 18:06
I read all the comments posted about indichosts.net and it appears that they are all commending, but i beg to differ. I see that you all commended them to be fast and effective and all that. The only fast response i know about them is to remind you of unpaid invoices. Yet, the services which you have paid for will not be delivered as at when due and if you make a complain, they choose to demand that you opt for a PRO-RATA REFUND. THIS MEANS YOU LOOSE ALL THAT YOU HAVE PAID (WITHOUT GETTING THE SERVICE, AND THEN, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR TRANSFER OF YOUR DOMAIN TO ANOTHER SERVER.

I have over 5 sites with them and all came with a simple challenge that even their so called "ADMIN TECHS" cannot handle. I always have the issue of not been able to upload pictures into the file system. When i create a ticket on this, it takes them a minimum of 36 hours to rectify. Imagine that. 3 days of no comments and if you are lucky, the issue gets resolved, otherwise, you are done for.

Its over a month now, and all a get is:


Our admin has failed to resolve this issue. We are still trying and will update you if resolved.

Thanks & regards,

My surprise is that an admin staff cannot resolve a simple case as allowing the cffile script on the server.

Well i am done with them. I am transferring all my domains back to hostek.com. At least, they are real-time and i get prompt replies, with apologies.

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