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nternet Central Limited Innovation Centre Keele Science Park Keele Staffordshire ST5 5NB Tel.: 01782 667788 Fax: 01782 667799 Email/SIP:

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Review of by Ian Brindley on 2014/01/10 at 14:37
My business has used Internet Central's VOIP system for the past six months and I can honestly say that they are quite possibly the worst service provider I have ever experienced. Apart from their VOIP product being extremely poor in terms of functionaility and flexibilty, the service provided by IC has been worse than dreadful e.g. The system does not do what was stated, extremely poor turn-round time on issues, rude and aggressive senior staff. I could go on but the list of problems we have had with them is endless. Other clients of theirs have voiced the same feelings. As such we have now ceased using them and have move to a much more reliable, flexible and robust platform with Qualitel.

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