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just host was founded in 2002 and is now 17 years in business.

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Web Hosting : Professional Web Hosting from Just Host

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Web Hosting from Just Host. Professional Web hosting services with free domain name for life, unlimited web hosting space and unlimited bandwidth.

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justhosting, justhosted

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US Headquarters: 111 East Broadway, Suite 210 Glendale, CA 91205 Support: 1-888-755-7585 Billing: 1-888-755-7585

Just host Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We offer several different options, all our plans allow for unlimited domains under one account. We offer an anytime money back guarantee for the hosting, minus domain registration, and set up cost if on a semi annual plan.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, we are so confident of this that we will give you a months hosting credit if we do not meet this, you will be provided a link to our status page if you sign up with us.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    Our support team aims to respond to tickets within an hour and usually exceed this expectation, they are also available through Live chat and on the phone (dependent on location).

just host Reviews 2019

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Review of by sudesh on 2013/02/03 at 05:50
Our web site is not working more than two hours as well as emails.
Review of by Jaime on 2012/11/26 at 01:35
They used to an excellent hosting company. Then they did server upgrades... and everything went down hill from that point.
Constant problems performing tasks in the WHM control panel. Constant time-outs requiring logging in again. VERY poor customer support. Regular down-time. The list goes on. I'm moving all of my websites away from them, to end the stress and frustration.
Review of by Andy on 2012/09/13 at 06:37

I hosted my website at justhost a couple month. Unfortunately the site became inaccessible from time to time and their support couldn't identify and fix the problem. I couldn't identify and solve it either because I am just a regular internet user. I suppose it could be some routing problem because I am from Russia. Anyway I decided to migrate the website to another hosting provider. I tried a few companies but wasn't totally satisfied until I moved the website to It looks like MyIdealHost isn't a big hosting provider and care about every client because their support is really fast and friendly.
Review of by Troy on 2012/09/13 at 03:53
Yes, They do always go down and have problem. When i call them they say "we are really sorry for messing up your website. Now you need fix it by yourself in CPANEL that we have provided".

Also i do have problem of 35$ with WHMCS plugin. They told me that i can buy it through them and plugin stopped working after system upgrade. Now i having long conversation with them about getting this fixed. But they are telling me "we dont sell plugins and we are not able to find your old request, because after system upgrade we lost them..."

Very disappointing and time killing...

Review of by David Wiedeman on 2012/09/03 at 05:25
First of all, this website states:

"What is your average uptime?
Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, we are so confident of this..."

This is incorrect. JustHost revised their terms of service last year and REMOVED the 99.9% uptime guarantee because they servers were down constantly. I hired SiteUpTime to monitor my downtime starting in 2010. I WAS DOWN 107 TIMES!!! No joke. Go ahead a buy a reseller account and go down a 107 times and see what happens.

Review of by Tony Brown on 2012/08/09 at 00:02
First let me say this company USED to be good until they moved people to their "new" servers. It was a complete fiasco! They were under the old PayPal subscription method, and their new system made no amends for the people who were on that method to get to a new system. The result....Your hosting account was cancelled with no notice, and your website deleted after 24 hours...INCLUDING ALL BACKUPS! What did they do to compensate for years of work down the tube..offer me a $2 discount per month after hiking the price from $3.45 per month to $10.00! To make matters worst, I paid the money and resorted back to a very old backup because my site is how I make a living. The problems didn't end there! A phpList install completely took over the site, then a .htaccess file disappeared turning my ecommerce site into just a page index. I get on the chat with a tech who tell me "you can argue all you want but you have to do xyz to fix your site" All this after they screwed it up.

Do yourself a favor, avoid like the plague..The initial offer seems too good to be true because it is!
Review of by Abdulrahaman on 2012/08/06 at 11:09
I just like justhost naturally not my own making
Review of by just in time on 2012/07/30 at 22:19
JustHost have always been poor in terms of service. They have always take 24 hours to get back to you and if you use the live support they will cut you off if you ask any problem questions. The upgraded their servers and are having loads of problems, but at the same time put the prices up with out telling you then the lock your account until you pay extra money. Very Wrong. JustHost got back to your old prices but not service.
Review of by Lalves on 2012/07/21 at 23:15
I'm a rookie, and the website I helped setup for a non-profit organization was a simple one, so no problem with uptime, speed or "initial" support. But I don't understand:
1) When I only sign up for a ONE year contract and NEVER authorized auto- renewal, they still went ahead "auto" charged me for another year on hosting and the domain name?! (I must say though after I spent my time to clarify this, my money was fully refunded within couple days)
2) Unfortunately, because they auto renew (or wtihhold without authorization?) the domain name, now I'm in the painful process to have them to correct this mistake: (a) They need to RELEASE the domain name since my personal info is still published / associated with that organization's website. (under "WHOIS" website and in accordance to ICANN requirement website's creator personal needs to be disclose to public); and (b) due to their "with-holding" of the domain name, the new person of the non-profit organization who will handle the website CANNOT get the "same" domain name.
I called 2 days ago for above issues, but no respond yet, so I went online live chat and the tech support doesn't seem understand a bit. I was directed to call again on Monday to their "Domain Department" to ask for "options". But the worst part was: The live chat just kick off without asking if I have any further question or offer me a chance to print the chat transcript! (Luckily I did save a copy of the conversation right before I was kicked off).

Needs LOTS OF IMPROVEMENT on the customer service/live chat support!!!

Doubtless, this is one of the cheapest hosting companies. .... Just hope its services is not compromised due to the cheap fees!

Will come back and update if my issue get resolved on coming Monday. I'm crossing my fingers.

Review of by Jay Gee on 2012/06/10 at 16:37
Just Host has given me great customer service so far and they helped me brilliantly
The only thing I would say is their payment system is a bit limited as their main one is only available in the USA
If only they could make that better - then that would be cool

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