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just host was founded in 2002 and is now 17 years in business.

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Web Hosting : Professional Web Hosting from Just Host

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Web Hosting from Just Host. Professional Web hosting services with free domain name for life, unlimited web hosting space and unlimited bandwidth.

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justhosting, justhosted

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US Headquarters: 111 East Broadway, Suite 210 Glendale, CA 91205 Support: 1-888-755-7585 Billing: 1-888-755-7585

Just host Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We offer several different options, all our plans allow for unlimited domains under one account. We offer an anytime money back guarantee for the hosting, minus domain registration, and set up cost if on a semi annual plan.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, we are so confident of this that we will give you a months hosting credit if we do not meet this, you will be provided a link to our status page if you sign up with us.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    Our support team aims to respond to tickets within an hour and usually exceed this expectation, they are also available through Live chat and on the phone (dependent on location).

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Review of by Mark R on 2012/05/26 at 10:16
Disaster upon users of JUST HOST. This is second time there will be no next one moved to better service......
We had deleted account on JUSTHOST by admins, months of work a design gone as we were told they move servers and lost all data including backups. DONT EVER USE JUST HOST.... If you can send this to as many people you can to worn them or if you had the same problem send us some info we would like to see how many people lost accounts and data due to Just Host Incompetence. Please worn as many you can. There are many hosting services.. IMPORTANT NEWS
Review of by Anderson on 2012/05/11 at 19:45
This JustHost hosting service was the worst I ever hired today!
To begin with, they take up more than a day to answer a ticket, and if you want a faster customer service you have to pay for it!
Their system is poorly installed, poorly configured and slow. I even had trouble with the server where my account was installed, it had a hard drive with serious badblocks for almost a week!
5 times suspended my account saying I had used up system resources permitted. IN NO ANY TIMES they made any advance warning that there was a problem. To complicate matters, the weak control panel of them do not have the option to observe the use of server resources (as there is in good hosting services) to see if there is something wrong.
Finally, on April 16 they canceled my account out of nowhere, without warning, saying it had extrapolated the memory usage on the server. Now ... the same sites and scripts were running on the server MORE THAN 3 MONTHS and there was no change! How can a sudden, the same scripts that previously ran without causing any excess in the use of server resources, now cause excessive memory usage?????? The only explanation for this is the bad system they manage! Certainly it was a server problem (or hardware or configuration) that caused it! Now, ask me if they want to admit that the problem could have been with them? The culprit was me always in your answers!
I was forced to move all my domains to another hosting service with urgency (where I have no problems and I am always analyzing the use of server resources) and, in this meantime, my store was offline and I had mischief!
If you do not want to have a headache with lousy service, disrespect, lack of attention and not take damage, DO NOT USE THE SERVICES OF JUSTHOST!
Review of by Victor on 2012/03/25 at 05:52
Technical team's ok.
Uptime and speed are very average at best.
Billing and Administrative teams are dishonest and liars.
Technical team's ok.
Billing and Administrative teams are mostly dishonest and liars.
They lost me my domain and i had to use a domain a got from another web hosting company.
I kept sending emails to them.They either ignored them or answered with lies.
When time to renew registration with them comes, they will ask you for more than three times the amount of money you originally paid when you first registered with them.
I 've left them with no hesitation whatsoever.
Review of by Seth on 2011/12/07 at 02:41
Made the mistake of signing for a membership approximately a month ago. Almost from the onset, experienced numerous performance related problems. Despite submission of more than half a dozen trouble tickets, never received any tangible resolution. Problems included connectivity to backend database, inability to access WordPress admin panel, etc. Without notification, Just Host suspended my account for utilization of system resources in excess of 10%, which is highly doubtful. Without attempting to determine if a Denial of Service (DoS) or other cause was to blame, they promptly suspended my account and posted a large banner stating such on both of my websites. While the technical support number is 24/7, quite often actual access to the system occurs from persons in the Ukraine! To those considering, strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hosting provider.
Review of by Adam on 2011/10/11 at 23:15
I LOVED Justhost, until about 2-3 weeks ago. It has now gone in the exact opposite direction. I would now say that I HATE Justhost. Let me give you a run down. Everything was great, they had wonderful customer support, the whole 9 yards. Then, 2-3 weeks ago I get an e-mail saying they tried to bill me automatically but the credit card had expired. I thought this was kinda weird, but I clicked on the link at the bottom to renew. That's when I saw that they were upping me from $2.50 a month to $7.95 a month. Over the course of 2 years that's a difference of over $130!!! I called to complain, and ask for them to at least put a coupon code to my account. I understand that they said no, but still. Next, I called to ask for their, "free domain for life". But the lying jerk who answered the phone wouldn't give it to me. That clinched it I had to leave. That's why I switched to 000webhost. I contacted Justhost and asked for them to give me the info so I could transfer my site. After going through 4-5 different people who all were at the earliest, an hour or so from the 48 hour guaranteed response time, some were even over, I finally got SOME of the info I needed. Last night, when my website was supposed to expire, I contacted them so I could complain, and ask for a couple days for free, since it was their fault I wasn't ready yet. I spent over an hour and a half arguing with a total jerk, who wouldn't give it to me because I couldn't prove it was their fault. I ended up having to pay for an extra month for $10. I can't wait till next month so I can finally be done with them.
Review of by Geoge on 2011/09/18 at 17:07
Terrible web hosting provider, in fact they are worse than terrible...I can't even put into words the anger and frustration JustHost have caused me. Their website displays a contact telephone number and the words "24/7 Live Support" underneath, however once you have completed a purchase with them it stores a cookie on your machine to prevent the telephone number from displaying! If you call them they will simply tell you they don't provide support over the telephon.....100% false advertisement.....and to make matters worse their servers are unreliable, their support staff are rude and have a 'I don't give a s**t' attitude. I wouldn't recommend JustHost if I was paid to. I have 5 websites hosted with them, I am moving them all away next month. I used to have 4 seperate web hosting accounts with them and 18 domains - F00ls....
Review of by Jeremy on 2011/06/16 at 18:56

1. There is no DNS control panel - instead you have to go through a third party company called Pipe DNS.

2. Do not expect to get the same person for a technical support ticket.

3. They charge you at any opportunity and will rip you off.

4. Within 5 days of using this company the server that hosted my master domain went down for over 2 hours.

5. The login portal does not work for me as one of their tech support guys screwed up config.

6. They are not registrars - they use Enom instead.

7. Terrible communication between tech support staff so you have to rewrite long emails again and again to each new "tech guy" that deals with your request.

8. Painful experience that I would not wish anyone else to go through!!
Review of by Jose on 2011/06/01 at 20:25
I hosted my web sites at justhost for two years without any issue. Good hosting, and support service is ok. The problem was when my second year bill came. Price rise from $70 to $190 for two years. More than double the initial price.
Review of by Jeffrey O'neil on 2011/01/21 at 13:10 has cloned themselves to be also and they use hidden purchasing gateway that charges your credit card and give you a payment declined notice after charging your credit card. The hidden merchant is Equity Commerce Gateway, the store your credit card informations and bill your credit card without your authorization if you don't use Paypal. they are terrible just stay away from this hosting if you're not located in US to confront them in their office.
Review of by Rita white on 2010/12/01 at 02:04
Customer service sucks! If you have any questions, forget it beat your head on the wall. You will get better results.

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