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Kiwi Web Host General Information

Kiwi Web Host was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Kiwi Web Hosting New Zealand

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The Kiwi Web Hosting Company â„¢, New Zealand. Professional, affordable, reliable and honest web hosting and ecommerce solutions for New Zealand.

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kiwiwebhosts, kiwiwebhosting

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Fax: 0800 94 77 84, Email: info@kiwiwebhost.co.nz

Kiwi web host Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    As you are not locked into a contract, you can request a refund which is pro-rated on the 'unused portion' of your hosting plan.
  • What is your average uptime?
    We do not have a status page for uptime as we provide our services on a 'best effort' basis. With any technology, you will experience some disruptions however, our aim is to get you back online as soon as we possibly can. You can set up RSS Feeds so that you are aware of any issues affecting our servers.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    Support is provided via our 0800 number and email. Our response times are anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. We do not provide an automated response like other hosting companies as at times, depending what may occur within the business, it may not be possible to get back to you in 1 hour for example. Again, it is a 'best effort' service and if you email us, you will get a reply which may include a 'Quick Reply' to advise that it was received and we are investigating the issue further.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    Our servers are located in the same building which means that if there is a 'server issue' then our technicians have access to that equipment. We do encourage customers to be pro-active in self-managing their accounts so that you are familiar with our resources. In addition, we are a subsidiary to iSERVE LTD (http://www.iserve.co.nz) which provides you additional services eg. Windows platform, unlimited email accounts and other resources such as Cloud Hosting (which is more for those customers who are familiar with running their own server). Lastly, we are a friendly bunch and aim to please :o)

Kiwi Web Host Reviews 2018

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Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Elizabeth Pryor on 2016/04/23 at 01:27
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Twice in a row I have been sent emails saying that my account has not been paid and both times it has. The next email stated it was going to be taken down. Twice my account had been paid and I had furiously written emails telling them this and showing bank statements etc no contact from Kiwi Web Hosting!!! Finall after 16 days someone emails-no apology just that they only have 2 staff to deal with emails but are getting a 3rd one on Tuesday - WHO CARES. I want an apology and a guarantee that it won't happen a 3rd time-RIDICULOUS LACK OF SUPPORT, RESPONSIBILITY and CARE!!!!!
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Liz Pryor on 2016/04/12 at 12:21
The worst possible service of any company I have ever dealt with. I am now subject to threats of web site being taken down due to non payment of the invoice! The invoice was paid on time, shows on my bank acct, I have also sent them copies of this, no response in 10 days. This is the 2nd time in 12 months this has happened. No apologies ever received either!
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Rob on 2015/12/22 at 05:31
Used to be good. Now I can't get an emailed reply though I pay for a corporate site, and the phone service is rough with long waits. Wish I hadn't just paid for another year
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Wez on 2014/12/02 at 04:21
Yeah, here we are in 2014. There support is still terrible. I'm sat here at 5:20pm trying desperately to reach them as my server has gone down...consequently meaning I also can't receive or send emails.

Guess what the only method of getting support is! Yep, by email.

Very, very disappointed. These people have cost me several thousand dollars in downtime and missed emails over the last year alone.

They were one of the best supported services in New Zealand, now one is lucky if one receives an email back within 2 weeks of an URGENT support requirement - EVEN on a bloody corporate account!!

This year they decided to upgrade the PHP on my server WITHOUT informing me. Consequently several sites stopped working as they were using 5.3 stuff. Even a month's notice would have been nice!!

Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Patrick on 2011/11/04 at 03:03
When Orcon bought them there was about an 8 week window of good support and then it jumped the shark. Orcon's own support is terrible so it's no wonder.

Kiwiwebhost used to be great. Nowdays I can't get timely support, support doesn't seem to know what it's doing anymore, I've had site outages and dysfunction caused at their end, and to top it all off their pricing is no longer particularly competitive. I'm about to move my sites.
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Doug on 2011/09/12 at 09:42
This company used to be great - immediate help whenever.
Have they lost it since the takeover by Orcon? I can't get a timely answer from them at all.
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by GB on 2010/10/31 at 22:02
I too was a victim of the primer crash - but it was ongoing!VERY bad communications and terrible support from KWH. One of my websites was completely down for 16 hours after their server crashed. Then there were ongoing ftp uploading issues for nearly a week afterwards and NO communications from their techs - despite repeated assurances from the very frustrated call centre staff.

Warning: If your website has issues in the weekend (as mine did) Kiwiwebhost has NO support until 9.00am on Monday!

Their billing and payments system messed up one of my domain registrations and they simply took that domain offline with no explaination. They's even sent me an ivoice saying I'd paid! Of course, because it happened in the weekend, no-one was able to fix it! When I did finally have my calls answered on Monday, their accounting system was down too! As I write this....I'm still waiting for that site to be reactivated.

I'm about to transfer all my sites elsewhere!
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Aaron on 2010/10/28 at 01:18
Like Tim, we also have had service degrading since the 20th Oct. Not only did their server collapse, but they had no backup system in place, so just cobbled together.

Last week we noticed that this server was missing many of the PHP extensions missing from the compilation. We have now been wait for 7 days just to get GD installed. I'm just a programmer, and even i've installed GD retrospectively in around 10 mins.

Things like this have been going on at various periods over the 3 years we have hosted with them, and this is now the last straw. They are so incompetant it's almost comical.

Avoid like the plague. There are many NZ based hosts that are better than this crowd. Not that that's hard to do. You can probably do a better job hosting a site on a 386 at home.
Review of kiwiwebhost.co.nz by Tim on 2010/10/20 at 23:16
Kiwiwebhost are very average indeed. Their primer server has been down for over 16 hours and there is no alternative back up server to get their customers online.

I pay for a corporate hosting package but their service and care for their customers is very substandard. No website + no email access means no customers for my business.

I have lost a lot of business as a result of their failings to effectively host a web site.

I am now looking for a more reliable webhost

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