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M6 was founded in 1997 and is now 21 years in business.

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ASP.Net Windows Hosting - ASP, PHP and .Net Windows Reseller Web Hosting : Affordable for developer's and the reseller who wants Windows hosting with ASP .Net, PHP, MySQL and SQL Server web host technology in the one hosting package at a discount price.

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M6.Net - Flexible Windows hosting for resellers, developers & web designers at discount prices. Offering ASP.Net (1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 3.5), ASP and PHP (4.x, 5.x) with Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2008) and MySQL (5.x).

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M6.Net 5715 Will Clayton # 1353 Humble, TX 77338 US 1-866-496-6638 fax: 1-866-610-1616 Email: sales@m6.net

M6 Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    In the event you are unhappy with our service, we process refunds 30 day after cancellation. We do this to protect against customers who have processed a chargeback at the same time they received the refund.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Our average uptime is 99.9%. Downtime is due to applying Windows updates once a month which is critical to ensuring security and reliability of the servers.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We offer 24/7 Ticket based support by logging into the support system at accounts.m6.net. Our average response time over the last 6 months is 53 Minutes. In most circumstances our reply time is faster.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    We currently have no coupons or special offers right now. We tend to run these types of promotions around Christmas and earlier in the year. We structure our accounts to be heavily discounted over most other providers.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    We've been specialists in Windows hosting since 1997. We have 12 years experience going back to Windows NT through Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008. We have always offered greater flexibility over our competitors with as much hosting technology that is possible on Windows servers. (permissions, database setups, PHP, MySQL on Windows etc).

M6 Reviews 2018

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Review of m6.net by Ian on 2013/03/09 at 00:42
Worst hosting provider on the planet. Our server crashes every few days and they cannot resolve the issue. Stay away from this provider
Review of m6.net by Patrick on 2012/10/25 at 18:58
I signed up and the same day I realized their service was GARBAGE, I canceled the account SAME DAY, now they are giving me garbage about not getting my money back for atleast 30 days!!! Look out these people are crooks, I am filling a charge back to get my credit card bank to get my money back, what they are doing is FRAUD!
WORST EVER! Never heard of a 'hosting' company that wouldn't refund a account within a reasonable amount of time!
Servers are slow and support rude to say the least of it.
STAY AWAY! There are tons of other hosts that don't wait over a month to return your money when you dont like their service. Like I said I only had my account 1 day and they say.
From their 30 day gurantee page
"In addition to the above, refunds for accounts cancelled within 30 days will be approved at the end of the first usage cycle (this is generally one calendar month after signing up), once bandwidth and usage costs have been tallied; the refund will be issued within 30 days of approval (as per our refund policy). This is to account for any fees related to bandwidth or storage usage, as well as to allow time for any bank rejections, fraud reports, etc. to come through."
Bank rejections? no such thing with a credit card, you either have approval or not, it's not a check. Fraud reports? Well in my charge back I will be claiming I was defrauded!
Review of m6.net by Diego Vieira on 2012/03/04 at 12:32
Worsth customer support I ever had.
Took several hours to setup the account, they said that the system did not received the payment information.
Cancelled the hosting packge on 17/12/2011 due to their plesk panel not working for 2 days.
They still did not refunded my money.
Review of m6.net by Anitha on 2011/10/02 at 15:19
Great support and service. Fast response for the tickets. Great service provider.
Review of m6.net by Bharathy on 2011/06/29 at 04:30
I hosted my site in m6.net 3 months before. They are giving good support and quick response for all tickets. A good service provider to deal.
Review of m6.net by Michael Guilfoyle on 2011/01/03 at 07:30
I find M6.Net windows hosting features relatively superior in terms of disk space and bandwidth. I found lots of hosting and designing tools available on a single click. Their support features are excellent.
Review of m6.net by Chris N on 2010/10/22 at 19:23
Stay away from this hosting company! I tried signing up for their service and paid $119 for "instant access" to my accounts, which actually took several hours to be enacted. After logging into my control panel (they call it COPANEL), I was unable to do anything... after I clicked on certain buttons like ASP.net Settings, the COPANEL stopped responding - it simply said "Please Wait. Updating..." and stayed there for 45 minutes. This happens continually. Their LIVE chat support is awful. No one answers LIVE chat requests. It took me over an hour today to get someone to LIVE chat with me from M6 for technical support. Yesterday, their LIVE chat service was simply not working, which I was told today (I was never informed that LIVE chat was down yesterday, I just kept trying to use it for several hours while no one responded to the requests). When someone DOES actually chat with you, they ask for a "ticket" number, and if you don't have one, they refuse to assist you, instead telling you that you need to go to their "support site" and start a ticket. I tried to access their support site, but I keep getting the message "Incorrect username or password," so I chose to "reset" my password, and their support site sent me a new password to my yahoo email account which never arrived. So, I can't login to their support site to start a new ticket, and their LIVE chat support won't help me without a ticket. I got so frustrated that I demanded that the live chat person issue me a refund, based on their 30-day money back guarantee, or I would refuse the credit card transaction from M6.net. The LIVE chat person repeatedly ignored my refund requests and instead promised that they would resolve my issues. They insisted my COPANEL was working fine, even as I watched it in another browser window and it still said "Please Wait. Updating..." I demanded a refund again and again, and I was told that a refund request would take 30 days. That was the end of my relationship with M6.net. I called my credit card company and refused the $119 charge to them. They are terrible. Their customer service is AWFUL, they don't care if you're unhappy with your service. It takes them 24+ hours to respond to support tickets, their Control panel never works, they won't help you unless you have a support ticket, you can't login to their support site NOR can you "reset" your password for it and they refuse to issue a refund on their 30 day money-back guarantee for 30 days. Their LIVE support chat feature RARELY works and the people who answer your live chats refuse to help without a support ticket number, then they just disconnect from your chat session without warning. Avoid M6.net like the plague.
Review of m6.net by Martin on 2010/09/19 at 13:39
I find M6.Net windows hosting features relatively superior in terms of disk space and bandwidth. I found lots of hosting and designing tools available on a single click. Their support features are excellent.
Review of m6.net by Angelina on 2010/04/26 at 05:50
I am using it for the past three years. Good customer service and hosting service. I give assurance. A++
Review of m6.net by Ted on 2010/04/24 at 03:48
Check Houston, TX BBB rating for M6.net before signing up.

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