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Maia Host was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Cheap web hosting services from $3.95 per month single/multiple domain hosting

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Cheap web hosting services on non-oversold fast servers with php5, GD, Curl, Zend Optimizer Mod_Rewrite custom or ready-made PHP scripts

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maiahosting, maiahosted

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Psionic Studios, LLC 37-28 61st Street, Woodside NY 11377 Tel: 646-536-9268 Fax: 646-349-2677 Call us at: (646) 536-9268 eMail Sales: sales@maiahost.com

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Maia Host Reviews 2018

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Review of maiahost.com by Foxie on 2014/11/03 at 12:06
Terrible Host!

Down more than up. When your site is online it's extremely slow and addition the service is lousy. Complain and they just shut your site down. never EVER host your site there. You will regret it.
Review of maiahost.com by Amy on 2014/03/18 at 00:11
I would NEVER recommend this company. We didn't have a choice to use these guys, we bought a website from someone and it was hosted by Maia. These guys, I would struggle to call it a business, are unprofessional and not good value for money (even if it was free, I still wouldn't recommend it). Our website is down all the time, and their "support" consists of an offensive person who uses text-speak (LOL, WTF, etc) to respond to support tickets. AVOID.
Review of maiahost.com by Abdul Kadar on 2014/02/19 at 11:41
Dont go for maiahost, one of the worse service provider.
Review of maiahost.com by Jessica on 2013/08/14 at 14:02
They go down all the time, absolutely terrible. They always blame it on hackers or something ridiculous when it's clear they just don't hold enough space for clients, a small business who have taken on too many clients
Review of maiahost.com by Jacqueline on 2013/05/20 at 15:32
Terrible webhosts, I have just lost over 24 databases after their supposed upgrade, and no apology for them that they lost my databases and hence my websites are dead, lack of backup etc. I'd strongly caution you against using them.
Terrible customer service to boot, my woes trying to contact them with sites down I only shudder. As of today I am moving and will never look back, cheap is expensive in the long run. They really run quite a shoddy outfit there, quite amateur in my opinion and no wonder most of their reviews are so negative
Review of maiahost.com by Angie on 2013/02/22 at 09:22

We went with MaiaHost sometime last year because surprisingly a friend recommended them to me. Despite Maia's clear indication that they have a 99% uptime, that's not true at all! Quite often our site was down. Our programmer was barely able to get work done at least four times in only a few weeks early on. For several months everything seemed OK. Then billing cycle came around again and we started having more problems.

We happily moved to another host and transferred our domain name first. Second, we tried to transfer our files and database. Our new host asked us for the information to do this and, it turns out, they were unable to because MaiaHost does NOT allow you to make back-ups of your own website!

That's right - you will lose absolutely everything if you can't back it up, and there is no backup feature. Only MaiaHost themselves can do it, through Tech Support. This, by the way, is absolutely ridiculous! As an admin of your own website, you should be able to back up your databases and file system with no problem.

To top it off, their support is absolutely horrendous. During the day we were faced with people who typed like 12 year olds. Much chat speak, smiley faces, and lack of capitalization led us only to the fact that the representative helping us did not make our back-up available to our new host, so we had to contact support again.

If you have a site emergency at night, you better not count on MaiaHost to pull through for you. They seem to have only one support person online at night who is usually not even available - and they can't do anything to help you with what you need.

Not to mention that the phone support is not a toll-free number (which should have keyed us off in the first place) and when we do try to call no one is there.

We are happily moving to asmallorange.com and will be overjoyed to be done with this whole fiasco.

In addition to all this, most of the time our site was sluggish and it took a while to see changes once they were added.

DO NOT go with MaiaHost!
Review of maiahost.com by Seattle Dredge on 2012/08/23 at 14:09
I have had the same problem. My account was just shut down for no reason, and no one will respond to me. I've tried support tickets, live chat, email and phone. Nothing!

What did everyone end up doing? Was there any way to move your domain along with all of its information, or did you lose everything?

Review of maiahost.com by Poon Poi Ming on 2012/06/13 at 16:43
Bad experience with them. I joined their Multiple Domain Hosting and after 5 months, they locked me out, claiming that they only expected a few pages per website, despite what they had mentioned in their advertisements!
Review of maiahost.com by ChrisMoehrer on 2012/05/22 at 23:35
Don't take it for business purposes!

Productive site taken offline without warning.

Unbelieveable experience with maiahost:
My site was just intentionally taken offline from staff because I have "abused" the service (thats what they say). This is completely untrue.
First of all, they tell you there are no quantity limitations (as is the offer on the website), then they just close the account without even giving you prior an information or trying to figure out the problem (if there is one, I was not causing it)!!

What I did was testing some drupal modules. Each module was downloaded from drupal.org. I have not written a single line of code by myself. I did common administrative things like database backup and install / uninstall additional drupal modules!
The servers response times were not very good in the past, but it was okay for a shared host. In addition to that, I had to open several support tickets due to misconfiguration on their side. Maybe I was getting too "inconvenient".

The basic problem is: Script execution takes long, because the CPU is shared with other sites..... Some scripts run between 5 and 10 seconds. (And I am not talking about complex database queries. My database had a total compressed (zipped) filesize of less than 2 MB!!!!)

The funny thing is: The time consumation of the script is the reason, why my account was locked, and my PRODUCTION site is down now. They say, it is inacceptable, that I am consuming so much CPU time.
They have implemented memory and script execution limits anyway (PHP.INI config and things like this), nevertheless they say, it is my fault, when the scripts consume too much ressources.

My drupal installation is a small volume site, with nearly no traffic so far, I just began with building it and publishing some content. I swaer, that I did nothing malicious and all modules were from drupal.org without any modifications. I have told them to check my modules and the logs to see that I did not do anything uncommon. I just wanted to develop my site further and add some additional functionality.

Maiahost can host some static HTML pages, but no CMS with traffic from my point of view.
I have another website on hostgator and I never had similar problems.

Beside of this:
A support guy who just locks down a productive domain without warning must be crazy anyway. My site is down now for about 2 hours so far. Enough time to loose page ranks.

I have written to the support and management, but no reply so far.
Obviously they have no problem with a downtime of several hours even if the site is productive.

If you run some sort of private website, you can maybe take this hoster. If you run some sort of business, then forget it. They will kill it! This is my experience with maiahost.

Some additional info: Whenever I had a ticket (adressed to management, sales or admins) it was answered from ONE person over several weeks which is no coincidence, I guess. What do you think happens if this person is ill one day and you have a problem with your site?

Review of maiahost.com by Red on 2012/03/10 at 19:55
This is the best site I ever found and they have best support.

The speed is fast as light they never had a down time.
Its reliable. I would recommend this to people who want or in need of hosting.

They have a good fixed price for you and its cool

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