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Maia Host was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Cheap web hosting services from $3.95 per month single/multiple domain hosting

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Cheap web hosting services on non-oversold fast servers with php5, GD, Curl, Zend Optimizer Mod_Rewrite custom or ready-made PHP scripts

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maiahosting, maiahosted

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Psionic Studios, LLC 37-28 61st Street, Woodside NY 11377 Tel: 646-536-9268 Fax: 646-349-2677 Call us at: (646) 536-9268 eMail Sales: sales@maiahost.com

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Maia Host Reviews 2018

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Review of maiahost.com by Bill on 2011/12/31 at 12:10
I was with maiahost for over two years and now that I look back I had mostly problems. The short version of the story is that my site was constantly being hacked and they could not keep it secure. On their homepage they advertise all theie up to date security packages, but none of that could keep my FTP and .htacess files account safe. My site got listed as a spamming site by Spamhaus and maiahost immediately canceled my account with no apologies. My site was off line a couple times a month on average fro various problems. I just switched to a free service as all I run is a movie blog, but if I had a business I would in no way recommend maiahost.

And while I am here I will also say to avoid a scam palce called wewatchyourwebsite. This guy, Tom, took 30$ from me and was not able to deliver in the basic way what he promised. Out of desperation I paid for his service to further protect my site, but immediately I was hacked into again and I was the one who got the problem myself, and not his "system" that he claims scans my FTP constantly. When my site was account was closed by maiahost only after 3 weeks with wewatchyourwebsite I asked if I could get a partial refund and two emails were ignored. He also claimed he had sent emails to be saying a problem was detected and what I had to do to get it corrected (why should I have to do anything) but there were no such emails.

Avoid both places.
Review of maiahost.com by maggie on 2011/12/04 at 01:06
After I put my review here and talking to the Maiahost email service, I got my refund by the end, so I must say their online service is good after all.
Review of maiahost.com by maggie on 2011/10/18 at 14:48
I transfered my domain from other hosting site, first few months everything was fine, but one day after I log in my domain through maiahost web service, my email was hacked, and start send out bad email, so my domain was shut down, when I found that out several days later( I did not check my domain everyday, and nobody notice me that my business domain was shut down), I called the customer service, and I think this is one man show company, because anytime I was answered by same guy, who is not really help me anything, instead he said my domain was shut down because I send out bad email, that does not make any sense I am doing the business on jewelry, why would I doing such thing, but dose not matter how I explain he still refused to reopen my website, so right now, I can not use my web and can not transfer, and no one even try to help to me in this company to solve this problem, so do not take your risk spend your time money and anything on this company, you will regret your choice like me, and other thing I do not like, that guy said because I am Chinese, so I may send the bad email by myself or by any my Chinese friends, that is racial discrimination.
the reason I send this review for several site, you can see how frustrated I am, and no one try to help me in their service, so do not use their hosting, it is a scam.

Review of maiahost.com by Poon Poi Ming on 2010/12/13 at 11:57
Yes, I totally agree with Chris Hansen. I was locked out after 5 months with them, even though I only used 5% of the bandwidth that was promised me. They insisted that I must changed my Maia Multiple Plan Shared-Hosting to Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). I suggested that I disabled my biggest website and also some minor ones until they are satisfied but they would not want to hear anything, other than to agree to upgrade to VDS, because that means super windfall profits to them and "daylight robbery" to me. I checked with GoDaddy and confirmed that I won't be needing even their Unlimited Shared-hosting Plan, much less VDS!
Review of maiahost.com by Chris Hansen on 2009/10/08 at 15:13
Warning! MaiaHost Warning!
Buyer Beware - Avoid MaiaHost!

I'm a web designer and own a marketing company currently managing 20 or so websites.

If Maiahost had not already wasted so much of my precious time I would go into each detail about why you should avoid this company at all costs.

Especially bloggers. They have suspended our site over and over and over for no reason other than we were updating our blogs. No Notice, no explanation, and no fix. If you are using wordpress and want to work on your website through Maiahost. Each click counts as a hit on your site, even editing pages or navigating your dashboard. This is too much for Maiahost and they will suspend your website, even if the traffic is from YOU. I even verified that the IP addresses were mine and the activity was coming from us updating our Blog. SMALL SITES TOO, they sites we were hosting there were artist portfolios.

So, this is just the newest pain in the arse that Maiahost Has delivered.

They're online support does not communicate with phone support, it's like they're 2 different companies.

They're online support is slow and not available 3/4 of the time.

The phone support is only available if you catch them in the office. For those on the West Coast if something happens at 2pm, be prepared to not even has someone look at the issue unitl the next morning.

Buyer Beware - We are moving all our domains off of MaiaHost.

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