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Media3 was founded in 1996 and is now 22 years in business.

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Media3 VPS Web Hosting Shared Webhosting

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Media3 Web hosting -- Our idea is simple and hasn't changed since 1995. We provide you with ultra fast and reliable webhosting on top quality equipment with world class service and support.

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Media3 Technologies,LLC 33 Riverside Drive North River Commerce Park Pembroke,MA 02359 USA

Media3 Reviews 2018

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Review of by anonymous on 2017/05/22 at 18:32
They are the absolute worst web hosting company. Stay away. They sell you a bill of goods and tell you they will do everything to maintain and support your site. They do none of it. We get repeated time outs. They put us on an old unpatched server even though they promised otherwise. They take a day if you are lucky to fix something. We cannot wait to move to a more professional hosting company.
Review of by linda on 2013/09/02 at 00:58
media3 ROCKS! been with them about 4 years and things have never run this smooth at otehr hosts, ever. last host was hostek, what a nightmare- before that hosting. com, horrible, the host before that i forget the name but they went out of business. soooooo glad i switched all my accounts. definately check out if you need a new host
Review of by Brian Wolfsohn on 2013/08/10 at 11:37
I stumbled onto this review site and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm baffled by the reviews, my experience has been nothing but positive with mediathree. They are easy to reach, easy to work with and it seems like they've had the same same staff for many many years so the experience level is top notch. I've been hosting with them since 1996, they're not perfect, I've seen them go though some growing pains while expanding but the reviews on this page don't paint an accurate picture of the media3 that i know. 

Also, I'm not sure what building "Scott" went to or what media3 he visited but  I can tell you that i have been to Media3 in Pembroke Massachusetts when it was their data-center and saw hundreds upon hundreds of servers. My company alone has 3 servers with them in their new data-center. In fairness to media3 this is a real review from a real customer and I'm providing a real email address (and hoping someone at media3 sees this and sends me lobster).
Review of by Scott on 2013/04/28 at 13:51
When our technical developer brought us to Media3 several years ago, we were quite impressed. But in the past few years, quality has gone south. Their "receptionist" isn't even in house and talking to one of the Stepford wives should be the red flag. Technical support that doesn't respond as they used to and even paying for hosting time is like pulling teeth. Our CEO drove three hours to meet with Media 3 and somehow they didn't want us to go to their offices. Instead, we he was told to meet at their data center - the picture of the building that appears on the Media3 website. All we were shown was a gym locker in the basement of a data center someone else owns in which Media3 has a couple of servers. We're now looking at going somewhere else.
Review of by Claude Hauper on 2010/10/06 at 14:49
MEDIA3 SUCKS. Had site hosted by Media3 for many years. Started out pretty good, but Media3 has deteriorated to just plain bad lately. You never know when Media3 will change its server software - they don't notify you of any such change - and the only way you'llfind out is when a customer emails you inquiring why your site is not up or why, all of a sudden, certain functions no longer work. This last week our site was down for the better part of TWO FULL DAYS with HTTP 503: we received no apology, no notice of problems, nothing ...


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