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Montecarlo Hosting was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

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MonteCarloHosting :: Business-Class WebHosting Solutions - Home

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montecarlohost, montecarlohosted

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MonteCarloHosting.Net 2047423614 Box 158 Ethelbert, MANITOBA R0L 0T0 CA Email: webmaster@montecarlohosting.net

Montecarlo Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of montecarlohosting.net by toestepper on 2012/02/15 at 21:35

I've been with Monte Carlo for two years now and have been pretty much dissatisfied with the service. We had concerns about going over our bandwidth and Christian told my webmaster that it wouldn't be a problem....now apparently it's a problem since I want to change hosts and he's slapped me with a $200+ bill for overages for the past year. No monthly invoice, no notice that we were now going to be charged (the first year there were no overage charges). He's now shut down my website because he's holding my domain hostage. He replaced me, the owner, as the registrar on my domains and he's intercepted my requests for my EPP codes. He then bogusly shut down my access to my domain management area and cancelled them. They are paid in full and are not due for several weeks...he is holding everything hostage until I pay for a year's worth of more hosting and all these overages. He claims because I pay yearly I'm not entitled to any monthly invoice, although my other server's always invoiced monthly. It's lousy business practices. He's very deceptive and now he's a bully. I want my registrar back, I want my EPP codes released to ME, the owner of the site.

He claimes he only partially suspended my account...yeah, the part that controls my EPP numbers....how clever of him. No one ever authorized his replacing my information on my domain registrations...EVER.

The service this past year has been atrocious...lots of downtime, outrageously slow response on my website, ridiculous problems involving our email access. We've keep getting blacklisted for his spam issues in addition to his blaming all his downtime to our website as the culprit, only to have to retract that statement later, when he figured out what he was doing.

He's offered to 'forgive' our overages if we sign up for another year of this crap and move up to a more expensive plan....why didn't he offer that all year long as we were experiencing overages...and all the overages are from the hundreds of indexing bots on our site...that we can't keep out..our traffic isn't any different than it was before we moved to him...

Somehow, at his end, our files were compromised by an outside spamming source...we've spent hours and hours trying to figure out messes stemming from his hosting issues...and he has the gall to bill us? I'm furious with him and his wife. I realize he's a moderator here so you probably will pull this review...but there are other places with many similar experiences with him...nearly duplicate stories of mine...

I want to warn anyone who uses Monte Carlo hosting to go to Who Is and see if you still own your own forum. Apparently Chrisitan has been doing this to other website owners also. It claims he 'owns' 78 domains.....Demand that he remove his information as the administrator. Did anyone every authorize him to do this...he claims it was to protect us because we didn't want to pay for id protection....horse puckey....I never had any reason to let him take control of my domain. This is such shady business. And then he blames everything on the client.
Review of montecarlohosting.net by Ronnie Mack on 2010/01/06 at 04:00
The problem that we have is with a customer of MCH and they way they are discrimation attitude towards us and a few of our good friends. I need to speak with a rep from your Corp. asap. Contact me at 1-973-997-6610..another thing, you have not phone number posted..why?


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