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was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

If you will visit my-php.us, you will become confused if it's hosting website or banners serving page. That's right - it contains twice more banners than content, and whole design is so unprofessional that looks like made by 14 years old kid. Anyways, may be they offer good hosting plans? So let's check it out! Standard signup form asks for name, username, password and email - simple enough. Oh, we forgot one important thing - after clicking signup link, you will be redirected to page with even more sponsored advertisements. Spend some time viewing them and... yes, another page with sponsored ads. Only after checking all these "good" offers you will be able to signup. However, it looks like complete nonsense. Why? Because their signup form does not work correctly ("Posting Error" message is displayed after clicking Submit button), so my-php.us just wants you to click their banner ads actually - they will not give you free hosting. Stay away!

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My-Php.net Free Host: Php & MySQL Free Web Site

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