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Naira Host General Information

Naira Host was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

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Nigeria Web Hosting and Nigeria Domain Name Registration by Nairahost

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Nairahost is Nigeria's number one web hosting provider. We provide services such as domain name registration, nairahost, web hosting, email marketing solution, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, Semi-Dedicated server, ssl certificates and blog hosting

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nairahosts, nairahosting

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Nairahost Webservices 13 Town Planning Way Ilupeju Lagos 100271 ng

Naira Host Reviews 2018

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Review of nairahost.com by Web Genuis on 2010/01/23 at 15:00
I was actually thinking I was the only having this problem with Nairahost but alas, it is something that has come to the peak of it that I can't just see myself continue with them.

I have been using them for over 4years now but the trend at which their service has been dropping is too bad. You only get responses to issues that has to do with payments and they so fast in emptying your preloaded credit even without doing the work that was meant to be done. You post a ticket it takes like forever to get a response to it. You place order and you get an information that your domain has been created while it is still pending.

Recently, I believed their one of their server crashed and all our clients are pulling out one after the other after being offline for over a week.

Response level is so terrible. I wish them best of luck anyway. But one thing I observed was that few months after new CEO took over, things started dropping drastically. This is business and other people's business, we need to be as objective as possible. All the best guys.
Review of nairahost.com by trae_z on 2010/01/02 at 16:38
Kayode Muyibi it is irresponsible, wicked and unprofessional for you and your team at nairahost.com to "ignore" my requests for this long (since December 23rd!).

1) the link http://nairahost.com/domaincp/ is no longer valid and i can't see any details on my hosting plan or domain name under my Client Area upon logging into nairahost.com thus preventing me from having full access/control of my site

2) my express in domain renewal has been sadly ignored

3) while i appreciate the fact that it is not easy running a web hosting firm the downtimes on my site (traedays.com) have been a litle too frequent of late. all this while nairahost.com and kayodemuyibi.com have remained up 24/7. i'm willing to pay if it'll correct this flaw.

Everybody deserves a right to ask questions and be answered. if you are having challenges kindly let me know. Relationships are built on trust, reliability and mutual respect. suffice it to say these experiences has left me bitterly dissappointed by your actions.

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