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Net Cetera was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

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Netcetera - Managed Hosting and Datacentre Provider

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Dedicated Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers and Colocation services at one of the Isle of Man's largest managed hosting and data centre providers.

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Netcetera Limited The Dataport Ballasalla Isle of Man IM9 2AP British Isles Sales: +44(0)800 0612801 Technical Support: +44(0)870 4866440 Accounts/Billing: +44(0)871 3096307

Net Cetera Reviews 2018

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Review of by Craig on 2017/09/22 at 15:36
We have been with them for 5 years (having used several of their services). We just finally migrated our last site away from them THANK GOD!!!

By far the worst hosting provider we have ever used.

Their support is HORRIBLE. It doesn't matter if you have a managed account or not... you can always count on their support to be pretty, well... un-supporting.

We discovered a problem that was within their network (not on our server) that grinded our business to a halt. They were incapable of resolving the matter (in fact, they would barely even bother to lift a finger until we threatened to leave).

We also paid extra to have automated backups with them. Just about every single time we checked on them they would not be running. They will never be proactive in figuring it out for you. When we would catch it, they would never credit any of the money. They would take days to get it fixed each time (only to fail again a couple weeks later unbeknownst to us).

Even though our website didn't work at all during the last billing period, they still wouldn't issue a refund.

This place is a JOKE!

Review of by John on 2016/01/19 at 15:21
This company are a bunch of fools avoid them like the plague. Unable to sort out only the basic problems. Now 4 days into a very basic problem I have, and they are still mumbling rubbish and the simple fault still remains.
Review of by John on 2016/01/19 at 11:24
This company are a bunch of fools avoid them like the plague. Unable to sort out only the basic problems.
Review of by Garry on 2016/01/18 at 17:59
Firstly I raised a complaint I had with the company, has not been acknowledged. They say on their website if not happy with their complaints procedure an independent organisation will handle it. The independent organisation is called, Internet Service Providers Association, I contacted them and they said that they do not recognize Netcetera. Netcetera are based in the Isle of Man and are therfore exempt from UK law. KEEP CLEAR OF NETCETERA because the simple problem with my hosting that I raised after 3 days has not been addressed.

I have a website hosted with, I raised a fault with them and after 3 days they have failed to address the fault and have now started to make make a fool of me.

php $_SESSION variables are not working, that is they continue to change for each session instead of holding a constant value during the session.

I have raised 10 tickets of concern. Each response show a complete lack of understanding by the company. The only response has been 'is it working now'. To ask me if a problem on their server is working would show a complete lack of understanding about a basic problem. I also had a previous problem, php scripts were not working, and I had the same problem trying to resolve that.
Review of by Colin on 2014/12/13 at 18:41
The worst hosting company in the world our email has been down for 3 days and they say it's a minor issue and now it's scheduled maintenance!!
Don't touch them with a barge pole!!!!
Review of by NetceteraVictim on 2014/03/28 at 20:09
Having started off well in 2011, I am now currently sitting through one of Netcetera's mammoth down times. A 61 hour one to be precise! SLA is garbage and now meaningless. They haven't stopped having problems since Jan this year. Their service has at best, gone through 3 weeks of uptime before a problem has occurred and this one is belter!!

For 12 hours at the beginning this affected 100% of users! They call this a minor incident because it didn't affect 100% of server! Really?!

They have no idea about DR as the thing that went down this time was a RAID controller on a SAN! Can you believe that? You normally run two just in case, but no. They made the schoolboy mistake of having a single point of failure! They are a bunch of amateurs who have absolutely no idea how to run an enterprise outfit. Total cowboys! Avoid them at all costs!!

To answer some of the posts prior to mine, in my experience there certainly isn't a worse commercial hosting provider than Netcetera!!
Review of by Paul on 2013/08/23 at 09:30
Have a VPS with netcetera since Feb 2012. All was good for first few months. Then in Dec 2012 had two major outages in the space of couple of weeks due to the VPS platform, both of which took everything down for several hours. Then another total network outage in spring 2013. Now today another VPS platform problem and our whole server down again. During same period, we have 3 VPSs with another provider (Heart) that have had no issues, and 1 with Tollon which has also been fine. There seems something sick with Netcetera's platform, today when I called, they tried to get me to upgrade to some clustered solution rather than address the reliability problems with their VPS platform.
Review of by Gregg on 2013/07/26 at 08:06
I have been with Netcetera for many years, both working for a company that used them and in my own right.
Their support staff have, in the past, been excellent but off-handed to the point of being rude. Now, increasingly, their support is bad and their staff still rude. Well done guys! Your service now matches your attitude!
Review of by Ron Murphy on 2013/07/02 at 20:28
Could not install Wordpress though KB makes it sound easy. Had to add DB first, then install WP. Still failed, so support installed it. WP would not send emails. had to install WP SMTP plugin. Could not update WP or plugins, so support had to change permissions.

Support forums would not display - error. Got that going. Then their forums are near empty. When have you ever see support forums empty? Added couple of posts. Later, post threads were full of spam. Complained. My posts vanish, but plenty of spam still around. Then the whole section that my posts were in vanishes. Then I can't log in and I'm asked to register in again.

What on earht is going on?
Review of by Richard Delaney on 2013/04/23 at 16:26
Had an issue migrating a site. Their 'Tech Support' stepped in to assist. At the point when they stepped in the site was fully working. They proceeded to delete the wrong database, couldn't recover it, blamed me, the customer, for supplying incorrect details which I proved otherwise and then put that many references between the two sites that they couldn't undo and sent me a message four days later to say they suggest I get a wordpress developer to look and fix the problems!
Got to say a shocking level of service. Cannot get hold of anyone other than a useless offsite contact centre. No sign of technical expertise and not a single ounce of care for customer service.

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