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was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

Invalid layout, bad design and no text content - it's our first impression regarding newsit.es. It looks newsit.es owners didn't bother to spend some time for making website nice and easy to use - one of open source templates modified by non-experienced person (because index page looks like a complete crap with some elements missing, some images out of their positions, etc.). Well, it's their choice, but we still need to test newsit.es services. Standard signup form with fields for name, email and username, email with confirmation link - nothing hard, nothing exclusive. As soon as we confirmed our registration, welcome email was delivered and new account created. Then our impression was much better - fast access, full PHP and mySQL support, no forced ads on our pages - we felt in love with newsit.es. So if you are not afraid of unprofessional newsit.es website, spend a minute and signup with them - their free package is really worth your time. And this is a copy of their activation email: Hello Your newsit.es account data: Username: xxx Password: xxx To manage your account via ftp log into ftp://webrev.newsit.es and via WWW go to http://www.newsit.es/login.jsp.

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Review of newsit.es by Aurelio Zuzzi on 2008/12/02 at 21:07
I transferred my files and now I cannot manage them as newsit is completely down. It's impossible contact them and no one knows what happened.
Review of newsit.es by Deli on 2008/07/06 at 08:54
The only way to contact them is the support forum, and oh lookit that! It's been down for DAYS. Just in time for me to have an issue i need help with. LOVELY.
Review of newsit.es by toki on 2008/04/07 at 01:01
THIS FREE HOST SUCKSSSS ASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review of newsit.es by Richard on 2008/03/02 at 02:50
complete crap, forced ads at top and bottom of pages, not the best setup, frames don't work, i'm sure the list goes on but that was enough to turn me away

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