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Open Hosting was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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UK Windows web hosting from OpenHosting

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Windows web hosting uk fast cost-effective UK web hosting from web services.

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openhost, openhosted

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Open Hosting Ltd 1 Ball Green Cobra Court Stretford Manchester M32 0QT

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Review of by TC on 2011/10/16 at 16:12
I have used this company for years, hosting a number of company websites, the only possible problem is with the invoicing system which will not let you allocate money to specific invoice numbers it just takes the payment and deducts the oldest invoice which is not always what you want to happen if you may have an invoice query.

All that said any issue that i have had has been dealt with by a real team member quickly and efficiently, you do not feel like a number lost in the system, they offer a personal prompt service. Recommended to others.

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