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Our Internet was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Windows Reseller Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, ASP.NET Hosting by Our Internet

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If you're looking for windows hosting, linux hosting, asp.net hosting and reseller hosting solutions, we're here to meet all your related needs.

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Email: info@ourinternet.us sales@ourinternet.us Phone Toll Free: (800) 661-9651 Local: (954) 678-0340 Local AU: (02) 8006 0711

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Review of ourinternet.us by Marc Erdrich on 2014/04/15 at 15:12
WARNING: I am not sure this company is in business any longer. I am a reseller and after my customer's sites appeared to be down for several days, I tried contacting both support and sales at ourinternet.us to no avail. I have switched web hosts but have been unsuccessful in cancelling my account and obtaining a refund. This is a serious breach of contract between a business and its customers.
Review of ourinternet.us by Halim on 2014/04/08 at 07:15
I have suffered a lot from this company and its owner careless behavior toward his customers.

The last experience I got from Jason is hijacking on our customers domains and reselling them to hidden entities he set the game with.
Be careful he setup any reason to let your domain expire and then move the domain to second and third registrar so you lose your path to redeem the domain.
He should remind you twice when the domain is expired, but he does not. He should mention the policy and procedures for the deleted domains recovery, but he does not, but work out in wasting your time ti lose your legal rights.
I invite you all to form a syndicate to sue Jason for his fraud and for compensation of his careless support and fot the damage he caused for all of our our customers and business. If you are interested send me email ahalimo@msn.com
Review of ourinternet.us by Rami on 2014/03/07 at 01:14
every one please please please do not host with ourinternet i lost around 10,000$ because they have error in they server and they take 24hr to fix the issue then they go back 7 days of my back up data "they re-charge all my customer account 7 days back" and they don't answer the phone ticket they block me in live chat . If any one can help me to destroy them am ready to buy him am a ready lost 10,000 so i can lost another 10,000 my e-mail ra000mi@hotmail.com
Review of ourinternet.us by Phil on 2013/06/11 at 10:15
I have been with Ourinternet for about 8 years the service is great and they have always answered my requests.
They have like all providers had some trouble ( we cant just look at them when there is so many sites on shared servers it only takes one week link to break it.
I have had sites down BUT I have had the sites monitored by several sites in different parts of the world. And they have not been down as much as I first thought. There is a lot of links between you and the server. I have had customers that have the office computer failing to log in but their mobile phone from a different provider has logged in with no trouble There is a lot of jumping to conclusions with the internet.
I look after a few sites hosted by Godaddy and Webmasters you just wait till you get trouble You just wait.
Before you go off screaming at everybody check the river and see how the signal flows to you. All of these Idiots have just said I use your server it is your trouble. Ourinternet's Brief is to get it out they have no say how it gets to you. SOOOOO CHECK it ain't that simple!
Review of ourinternet.us by Mimi Norris on 2013/05/29 at 15:19
We signed up with OurInternet in 2007. There seemed to be no issues and we were happy with the service. Jason Dickman was very helpful. In 2010, we began seeing problems including their servers being hacked. Service issues, site not resolving, invalid domain problems all started to be the norm. Due to various reasons, we did not look elsewhere for hosting until now. When we went to cancel, a larger problem showed its face. Even though we received a confirmation of the cancel request, the site was not cancelled. Jason stated in an email "good luck" with regards to cancelling. I replied with an inquiry regarding their refund policy which was not responded to. I called several times to their billing department with no replies. Finally I called and hit the sales option. Jason answered and sounded like he was choking upon realization that it was me calling for my refund. That was over a month ago now and still have not received a refund of 7 months worth of paid hosting.
It appears Jason is a one man show. The address for OurInternet is a mailbox rental facility. The answering service appears to be one of those virtual secretary deals.
Anyone needing hosting is better served with Godaddy or Webmasters who are both extremely professional. Stear clear of this one-man show who will take your money, cause you to lose business due to down-time and other server crashing issues and irresponsible, immoral business philosophies.
Review of ourinternet.us by Matt on 2013/05/14 at 02:47
If you don't want to read my detailed review below just be reminded of one thing: DO NOT GIVE THEM A PENNY OF YOUR MONEY.

My experience was completely awful. I signed up with Ourinternet on April 30, 2013. The setup process went through a few minor complications concerning my 3 IP addresses (I went with the Windows VPS Standard+ Platinum package). I wrote this off as a simple miscommunication on their end and didn't think much of it. I originally signed up with Ourinternet because they seemed like a small company who would be able to offer personalized support.

Not long after, their entire website would go down repeatedly which prohibited me from accessing my control panel. Their customer service is clearly outsourced and is completely worthless. It was absolutely impossible to get in touch with anyone from tech support. I never even got a friendly "Sorry but we are experiencing issues" e-mail. They basically didn't care or hoped their users wouldn't notice.

When trying to use their automated phone system to submit a tech support ticket, none of the options actually worked. Pressing 7 (for 'my ticket has not yet been resolved') does nothing. Pressing 8 (for 'I cannot submit a ticket through the control panel') causes the service to hang up on you. Nobody was ever reachable. My calls were never returned. I was only able to contact someone (the owner) when calling from a different cell phone number. Within one week of signing up with them, the downtime WELL exceeded the 0.05% per year (roughly 4.3 hours per year). When I finally got in contact with who I believe to be the owner (he is also the voice of the automated phone system) he was completely rude to me, despite the fact that I had been trying to get in touch with someone for days. Tech support gave me the same excuse about a "storage server" going down 3 days in a row. Every time I got the response of "we made the appropriate upgrades so this doesn't happen again", the service would still go down. This happened about 4 days in a row with me getting the same copy & pasted response from tech support who completely disregarded my request for a phone call so I could request a refund. The advertised 24/7 tech support is nothing short of false advertising. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with anyone at this company. I actually thought I was being scammed. I left multiple messages with the owner and other departments and NEVER got a call back. My only contact with them is when I called them for the 7th time and FINALLY got in touch with someone.

I don't usually go out of my way to give a negative review for a service, but this company completely mistreated me. When I called the owner last week, he told me I could submit a cancellation request on their website. Unfortunately that has yet to be processed so I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge. They do not care about their customers and just want to make a quick buck.

There are better services out there for cheaper prices. If I had to rate them between 1 and 10, it would be a 0.
Review of ourinternet.us by Larry on 2013/05/11 at 05:19
Well be carefull..... This is my last week with this hosting co. My sites have been down 4 times this week and they just told me it would be about 6 hours before they are back up
they have used up all their down time for the year this week, 99.95% uptime what a joke
Review of ourinternet.us by Rami on 2013/02/19 at 17:21
I start with them since two years they was v.good they install my site they help my good.
then now they are going down in business all site down every day mail some time revived always they have problem with node

Review of ourinternet.us by UniAfr on 2013/02/18 at 12:05
Hello folks! I am a newbie customer of Ourinternet and want to share my first hand experience of past month. First of all I would like to explain my choice. Of course there are lots of hosts available and it was really hard to define. The main reason was cloud storage and server redundancy, the second were free domain name and free additional month. I have purchased a hosting account after contacting sales dept and giving them a few questions regarding features they've provided. Plan was delivered to me in an instant. They have explained me all details about control panel, server configuration and feature installs. Several times I got questions and submitted tickets, tech support replied fast and explained me all details. It is a real pleasure dealing with a support who understands how to do this business. My sites are always online and running/loading fast. Now the month have passed and I am sure I don't need 30 day money back guarantee. In summary I think I will be loyal customer of OurInternet and hope they will make all possible to provide me service which I've got at first month.
Review of ourinternet.us by Palmiro on 2013/01/15 at 08:59
Now decided to share experience with my host, hope it will help somebody. I am using beginner plan with OurInternet.us. Plan is attractive with such features as Cloud Server Redundancy and Cloud Data Storage Failover. That is why now I am their customer. Price was low and suitable for me. After contacting sales account was activated quickly, without any additional fees. Support done all work for me, they have setup my site on their server and it is now available on the web. Every ticket have been resolved in minutes, support is really helpful. So far website never been down or slow, they are providing 99.95% uptime guarantee and it seems trustworthy. Account control is very easy and user-friendly, I like this comfortability. I hope features and benefits provided by OurInternet team will remain in the foreseeable future.

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