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Phil Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Philhosting - Philippines' No. 1 Web/Email Hosting provider and Domain Registration | Providing affordable and reliable web services for everyone.

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Affordable linux hosting, affordable windows hosting, affordable reseller hosting, philippine webhosting, pinoy webhosting, affordable filippino webhosting, affordable domain registration, affordable web design

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philhost, philhosted

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LG10 Cityland Dela Rosa Condominium 7648 Dela Rosa Street Makati City Philippines 1230 Email:

Phil Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of by Mark on 2014/10/01 at 17:47
i've been 3yrs subscriber of and it's all good! good. reliable. excellence services!
Review of by ViBacBuster on 2014/08/25 at 21:04
My website,, is hosted with PhilHosting.NET. I had their service in the past and they were ok back then. I decided to have my new website hosted by them because of my good experience with them. However, things have change. Support agents answer your email in a rude way and will make you feel that you so damn to ask such question.

As of today, 26Aug2014 @5am, it takes about 5 minutes to completely load my website. To think that I used CloudFlare service to help load my website faster as they cache unchanged contents in my website.

I wanted to send them an email but I don't think they will be of any help. I paid them for a year's service and now I need to wait for another 8 months before it will expire. I had my other websites hosted by another provider with a little less that what they offer and speed is so great. I never have any serious complaints with them.

Unless they improve their service, stay away from them. is way way better than them even though their service is free.
Review of by desiree on 2014/04/26 at 04:54
they had my domain expire because someone messed up the password reset option on their client area and no one can do a password reset anymore.

after tons of support tickets filed i've got zero, 0, zilch, nada answers from their technical staff.

Now i'm going the hard route of talking and filing complaints with ICANN and OnlineNIC ( 's original registrar) for possible solutions and rid my expired domain of's stink
Review of by Benjamin Garcia on 2014/01/10 at 04:36
I have waited to expire the the domain i registered with them it is i plan not change my service provider.. i was just shock that they register it again. idon't know what they are thinking...

to be honest they have worse costumer service.

Review of by Julio on 2013/10/18 at 03:41 sucks.
They are fast to remind you of your dues.
They are slow to respond to your concerns (some emails are not answered for weeks!, they have phone but most of the time nobody answers!)
Worst, I had frequent downtimes in 2011 and 2012.
Sometimes, pages suddenly showing errors due to some components that were suddenly changed permissions without our knowledge.
Compared to their competition, they are at the bottom. Avoid them.
Review of by ed of on 2013/08/20 at 05:12
I spoke to the same lady named "jona" and she was so rude! after my payment, i got an email saying the domain will be up after 24 hours but today is the 5th day of waiting period.!!! Kung alam ko lang!!!!
Review of by jejej on 2013/07/25 at 11:31
THE WORST hosting company in the philippines, probably in the whole world... MUST BE AVOIDED.... BE WARNED
Review of by DNS on 2013/06/15 at 02:51
Domain Name Renewal is impossible. Try calling and e-mail first before you do transaction.
Review of by Meyer Sanders on 2013/04/10 at 10:43
1. A$$hole and rude reps.
2. Refund is nearly impossible.
3. Prefers big companies rather than small blogs. If you're not a company they'll accommodate your registration but that's the end of it.
4. 10% uptime...
So if you still plan to get plans from them. Kill yourself!!
Review of by SAS on 2013/03/22 at 00:29

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