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Prime Host was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

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Canadian Web Hosting - Toronto Web Hosting Canada

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Canadian Web Hosting provider of shared hosting and reseller hosting in Canada offers business web hosting, personal web hosting, domain name registrations, Toronto web hosting Canada.

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primehosting, primehosted

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PrimeHost Inc. 1057 Steeles Avenue West # 561 Toronto, Ontario M2R 3X1 Sales Department: Technical Support Department: Abuse Department: Billing Department:

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Review of by Maria on 2009/10/28 at 02:08
I have been with for approximately 6 months, they provide quality service unlike any other host I've been with and their customer support is ahead of the competition.

I've had my site hosted with several other webhosting companies in the past who provided both poor customer support and even worse service and I was tired of the constant issues that come with jam packed servers.

Primehost may cost more then other hosting providers but you are paying for their quality and the peace of mind that comes with your website remaining with the best uptime possible. If you want to sleep good at night, have your site hosted with Primehost, believe me, you will not regret it.

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