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Prime Hosting was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

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Prime Hosting: Homepage

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Provider of UK web hosting, featuring PHP 4, PHP 5, MySQL and Ruby on Rails on Linux cPanel Servers with 24/7 technical support

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primehost, primehosted

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Prime Hosting 79 Rosslyn Cres Luton Befordshire LU3 2AT Technical and Billing Support: support@primehosting.co.uk Sales: sales@primehosting.co.uk

Prime Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of primehosting.co.uk by David White on 2012/12/03 at 10:19
I am in the last few days of my contract with primehosting, but I would like to add further to my review earlier, things have simply gotten worse. The amount of spam email received via all primehosting accounts on a daily basis is incredible. In addition, their mail servers are blacklisted by many servers making sending emails out to customers impossible, as they simply get marked as being from spam sources.

I notice yet again that their support ticket system is 'broken', and I am also not able to find the option to remove my credit card from the auto billing system.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Michael on 2012/10/25 at 17:46
Avoid as much as possible. The cheap price you pay will bite you later when their servers crash, delete all your files and provide terrible customer service.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by David White on 2012/09/12 at 08:29
I will echo the sentiments of others on here. Avoid.

I started with UH hosting, which provided a brilliant service, excellent support, and often a personal reply from 'the boss' when things went wrong.. which wasn't often.

Then came the change to Primehosting, heralding a new era of downtime, lost files, broken support system and standard email responses to problems.

Last year three of the hosts I manage went down twice for at least 48 hours at a time. Twice the websites were rolled back to versions from MONTHS earlier. Poor, very poor. But I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, since prior service had been good.

This was a mistake, as of August 2012 all three hosts started intermittently going down with a loss of email and web services. Cue angry clients and many hours of lost work. The final straw however was when the websites simply rolled back to their state as of MARCH 2012! Five months of lost work, and astonishingly Primehosting have no other backups of this data! Thankfully I had my own arrangements, but this is besides the point. I still lost five months of personal emails, and many important emails such as legal documents were being bounced during the downtime.

To add insult, Primehosting have moved from an invoicing system (ie: requesting payment) to an automatic debiting system (ie: taking the payment without permission). There was no notice of this change, no change in contract, none of the things I expect to be told about on such a major change.

I am in the process of moving all of my websites to another host. Can't be any worse.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Chris on 2012/08/19 at 19:37
Been a customer for a number of years now, but service has deteriorated over this time. Frequent server crashes without explanations, servers appearing regularly on spam lists etc. etc.

In fact, I have asked them, on numerous occasions, why they are unable to permanently fix these issues, and they simply avoid answering the questions.

They have proved to be simply not up to the job, and no amount of re-branding or "spin" on their website will convince me that they have the resource or competence to provide a stable, reliable service.......it's almost like it's still run out of James's bedroom.

I'll be moving all of my customers' and my own websites to another service provider during the rest of this year.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Jake on 2012/08/14 at 18:20
Okay.. This is simple. They have NO SLA.. in other words they were down for 24 hours last week and they can be offline as long as they want.

Seconds. They only make monthly backups of your site!!!!!! They are using very OLD hard / and SAN which are implemented is a very bad way.

Dont bother.. They might be a little cheap but its not worth it. My site was offline for 3 days last year.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by William Debois on 2012/08/13 at 07:55
I had been a happy customer of UH-Hosting for at least 4 years when it became Primehosting and everything went downhill from then on. 48 hours downtime, IP address on spam lists for no reason, unrequested changes to cpanels and SQL databases that cause loss of business, reduced web space without warning, absent customer support... do I need to go one?

Absolutely appalling hosting service. I'm moving to another supplier, and obviously, to add insult to injury, Primehosting are refusing to refund the months I won't be using.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Jake on 2012/08/02 at 17:01
They've had 3 blackouts in 6 months! They've lost all my databases and I'm furious!!! Stay away from them, they are SH*T!
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Rusty on 2012/08/01 at 15:23
Recently their entire server array went down for 48 hours. Websites went back up but with a 2 month old backup. Telephone support was closed and told people to check Twitter in which they do a standard tweet every four hours with no explanation at all. Called parent company (M247) and was told the same things with no explanations and no confirmation of when the latest back-up was.

I have given this company the benefit of the doubt so often but this is the final straw. I phone support at least once a month and that is just not acceptable. I even paid extra to have my own dedicated IP for emails due to their normal ones going on spam lists on a weekly basis.

I am now going to move hosts and I warn everyone to avoid this company at all costs.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Max on 2012/07/31 at 13:39
So bad I was using them since 2004 when they being uh-hosting but than they changed to Primehosting.
Last year my web site was down all the time.
I decided to move to another hosting company.
I would not recommend to use them.
Review of primehosting.co.uk by Billo on 2012/07/31 at 13:11
Ditto to the other comments. Frequent downtime, poor information. eg all sites are currently down. The service has been atrocious for at least the last week. An email support reply was 'it's difficult. we don't know when it will get better'
With service like that, who needs enemies?

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