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Register 1 was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Domain Names - Virtual Servers - Dedicated Server -

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Offers domain registration services in major TLDs.

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Serverstream Ltd 9th Floor 6 - 7 Harbour Exchange Square Canary Wharf Docklands London E14 9GE United Kingdom Sales:

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Review of by Tom Kaneko on 2010/06/28 at 14:40
I am a web developer of 5 years, and have been with Register1 for almost 3 years. I can confirm that everything that the staff says above to be true. Having experienced some lousy web hosts, I actively encourage my clients to switch to register1. Their response times to support requests are refreshingly quick - even out of office hours (poor souls).

If you are running php-based software like Drupal or Prestashop, quite often there will be snags with the server, whatever your host. With register1, you can be confident that you will diagnose those "Internal Server Error"s quickly. The time saved in resolving errors compared with other hosts more than makes up for their slightly higher than average price. I've dealt with a few web hosts to show me how infuriating bad customer service can be in a web project.

I suppose this review goes to show that there's no better advert than a happy customer. I couldn't recommend them more.

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