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Santrex was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Shell Provider | IRCD Hosting | XDCC Hosting | Torrent Hosting | IRC VPS | IRC VDS - Web Hosting

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Provide you with rock solid stability, top notch DDOS protection and cutting edge performance! A shell provider, ircd provider, webhosting provider, all in one provider you can trust.

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Santrex Internet Services 16 Ada gardens London, Stratford E15 3EW GB Email:

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Review of by wattelle on 2014/05/01 at 09:39

I've also been scammed by these assholes and i've contacted a lawyer who has already take the case in consideration :
- The complaint has been opened in UK

and my lawyer is researching all the people who have been scammed by these s** o* a b****

so if you wanna join and kick them back :

Contact :
Maître Stéphane DRAI
21 avenue Niel
75017 Paris

Tél : +33 1 47 63 73 25
Fax : +33 1 47 63 61 37

Join us !
Review of by MuriloEsteves on 2013/09/14 at 20:44
I have two services with them, a vps and hosting.
some days I do not work, I have money in my account,
my tikets unresponsive, I think this company is bankrupt¡¡¡.

yesterday was billed another month VPS service¡¡¡¡ run only one week¡¡¡
Review of by raynebc on 2013/09/13 at 19:15
Their support is terrible, you're lucky to hear back from them within several days of opening a ticket. Their service is fine as long as it is working. If they have an outage, prepare to spend weeks or months getting service again. And if they discontinue service of whatever you're using, you're SOL because they won't give a refund.
Review of by Pavel on 2013/09/10 at 05:01
Just terrible support! Pre-paid server. Within 5 days can not confirm the payment. As a result, the paid server disconnected for not paying. 5 days I can not get the support of the confirmation of payment.

Also parallel to pay them a new server. During the day the server is not running.
Review of by Recent Victim on 2013/06/11 at 13:41
In a few days i will provide a review with logs, payment receipts and confirmation, no services offered from santrex. This will prove once and for all that santrex is a scam.
Review of by sercio on 2013/03/08 at 09:41
bullshit webhosting company.
my website is every day offline... .
Review of by julia on 2013/01/16 at 07:43
Most people after they point out a number of their hosting nightmares name stories like loss of knowledge or their web site bloody. Those area unit the type of stories that no-one desires to check happen to them. With you’re not cursed with solely onshore hosting. A service that's dear doesn’t essentially warranty its quality. i'm happy by obtaining the hosting from
Review of by Lucas on 2013/01/15 at 09:41
Finger weg , gleich am Anfang Ärger, lange Bereitstellung , etc !!
Review of by Thomas on 2013/01/11 at 10:14
I begin mistreatment Santrex from 05/07/2012, and acquired a pair of The Netherlands vps from them.The price is extremely low-cost, and also the time period isn't excellent too(it went down weekly from 1-3 hours however it never get my knowledge lost). however the information science is just $2, and that they don't limit the ips one vps have, this can be excellent news for seo sites.
Review of by Trever Jones on 2013/01/10 at 16:07
This is one of the worst hosting provider you will ever find. They start out looking okay, but it doesn't take long before you begin to regret every moment with them. Many times I was not even able to access my products because either the servers they were on were so overloaded that they could not handle anymore, or they were under DDOS attacks constantly. My products seemed to be down more than up. Working with support became a chore, as they would fix the issue and usually within a short period the same thing happens again. I finally just gave up with them. It may seem like a great deal saving a few bucks, but the headaches you will have far outweigh their good. I've tried quite a few of their products to truly give them a chance (3 VPS in separate countries and Webhosting) and none were good.

I spent over a year with them trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I chalked things up to the VPS's or hosting being in another country, but then I was seeing that other hosting providers weren't having the same issues. I also thought once they moved to a new data center in the UK (Where they are located) that that service should be top notch, so I bought it. How wrong I was. It started out really good, but it wasn't long before they had over sold the server my VPS was on and it crawled. It would take 5 minutes to ssh into it and when you did get on it, there was little you could do. The VPS wasn't even running anything, 1 Static Web Page. After working with support they finally offered to move me to another node. This just wasn't an option, as once they oversell that I'll be moving everything again.

Also they have a strict no refund policy, so when you do find out you can't handle them, they aren't going to refund unused money back. They will give you a credit to use on another poor service they offer. Spend the extra money and find a good hosting provider.


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