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Santrex was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Shell Provider | IRCD Hosting | XDCC Hosting | Torrent Hosting | IRC VPS | IRC VDS - Web Hosting

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Provide you with rock solid stability, top notch DDOS protection and cutting edge performance! A shell provider, ircd provider, webhosting provider, all in one provider you can trust.

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Santrex Internet Services 16 Ada gardens London, Stratford E15 3EW GB Email:

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Santrex Reviews 2018

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Review of by Tester on 2011/02/06 at 12:24 ะhe worst service.
Server down more than 48 hrs.
and To solve the problem or not. No let customers know.
Review of by Ashley Hicks on 2010/10/19 at 20:38

At all cost do not do business with this company, I had to battle for three days to get a working server only after causing a dispute with PayPal, after closing the dispute they deleted all of my accounts and black listed my IP, they had stolen my money.

Thief's ! Liars ! No Good Business !
Review of by Mark Eliasen on 2010/09/23 at 10:45
I must say, I cannot understand how people can say anything negative about Santrex. They do an amazing job, their response time is very satisfying and I have been with them for 1½ year now. I have been using their Shared, reseller, VPS and Torrent services and will never go with another provider.

To quite David at WebhostingTalk:
"What support really is:

Support for a host isn't supposed to be questions like "Can I do this in html?", "Can you help me configure phpBB (or any other script)", "Can you help me learn to tie my shoes?".

Support is there to:

1. keep your servers up.
2. keep your servers fast and reliable.
3. communicate during emergencies.

You're expecting an awful lot out of your host. In fact you're expecting the world for nothing.
If you've asked your host a question that's out of the scope of their support (scripts, html, or other stupid random things): Would you be willing to have me or your boss call you up at 3am in the morning and ask you stupid questions about your job"

Review of by Santrex-SCAMMER on 2010/08/28 at 11:52
hello.. please dont trust Santrex. He scammer.. I use dedi from Santrex then i use only 1day dedi then have problem.. 2 3 day i waiting and submit ticket. dont have any reply from Santrex. then i look my acc suspended. very funny.. SUPPORT VERY2 LOW~!!! DONT TRUST SANTEX
Review of by antisantrex on 2010/08/17 at 11:42
it is fraud and not hosting, i used the service shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers, constantly, something is not working, traffic is lost. and all ended, support begins to accuse a customer in all sin
Review of by Chris on 2010/08/08 at 18:57
It's not bad company there hosting service is fast I do have down time but not for very long ... there support is great they reply within a few minutes..
Review of by Andrey Timofeyev on 2010/08/04 at 14:04
I take my bad comment back. Actually the support can do the miracle :).
Review of by Andrey Timofeyev on 2010/08/04 at 07:17
Generally service is a fraud. It's very risky to buy their VPS. I'm experiencing about 50% downtime for 2 months. Server itself is fine and stable but it's unreachable. Obviously "unlimited" bandwitch overselling. And of course support cannot make a miracle. Always have standby backup VPS.
Review of by Ken on 2010/07/03 at 04:00
Very poor is very very very slow....
Review of by A. Cook on 2010/06/24 at 21:08
One more thing to add: People only spread bad reviews but for good reviews they don't spend time to tell people.

For me, something beside my work in Santrex, i am using a lot of services which they do satisfy me and filling my needs.

Thank you,
A. Cook
Billing Specialist
Santrex Internet Services LTD

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