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Santrex was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Shell Provider | IRCD Hosting | XDCC Hosting | Torrent Hosting | IRC VPS | IRC VDS - Web Hosting

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Provide you with rock solid stability, top notch DDOS protection and cutting edge performance! A shell provider, ircd provider, webhosting provider, all in one provider you can trust.

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Santrex Internet Services 16 Ada gardens London, Stratford E15 3EW GB Email:

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Review of by A. Cook on 2010/06/24 at 21:04

Regarding that client Mikey,

We don't give free services, and once he pays his dues which are dues on his account his service will resume it's normal operation it's a pretty simple and straight forward procedure and no need for you to argue about it.

Please understand our position, we can't pay for servers or hardware if they are not renewed, it's just a simple procedure and he should not really argue about it unless we've been taken him off one day before his original due date.

I honestly do not appreciate his attitude towards us specially when he is not right about what he is trying to say about our services, he need to pay his bills it's quite simple.

We do give 5 days for a service to be paid for every service's we provide except dedicated servers.

Thank you,

A. Cook
Billing Specialist
Santrex Internet Services LTD
Review of by Mikey on 2010/06/23 at 18:08
Very poor service, I had 2 dedicated servers from them one was just about to be due and it was 1 DAY over due there cut off server, As there wanted money to pay for there over heads for that server. So don't buy anything from theme service is crap..

A. Cook
Staff 23/06/2010 15:20

We didn't cut it off, our providers cut it off.

We should pay. once you pay the invoice reply to this ticket.

Warm Regards,

A. Cook
Billing Specialist
Santrex Internet Services LTD
A. Cook
Staff 23/06/2010 15:47

You wait for client to pay >> What do you mean by that. Should we Pay then you say we are not using this service any more.

You were late to pay your invoices - we are sorry if anything from our side.

Warm Regards,

A. Cook
Billing Specialist
Santrex Internet Services LTD

So as you can see there not got clue how to run business at all..Waiting for clients to pay for there services..
Review of by Justin on 2010/06/13 at 22:45

The worst VPS experience I have ever had! I was with them for a year and it was the most painful thing to deal with. Every month the servers would be done without notice or reason, my servers would stop working without any reason, Santrex would screw up routes and cut off odd network sections, SPEED WAS NEVER EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO PROMISED... 1-2mbps on what is supposed to be a 100mbps connection.

STAFF IS THE WORST OF ALL! Completely clueless morons who can't understand the simplest of tickets.

"Why is VPS down again?"

"It's not down, than you enjoy our services"


"I am not able to access server"


"The server is running properly"


"I will look into it"

... waiting ...

Get a simple reply 48 hours later

"Some services have been restored"

Total days down = 5

Complete morons!
Review of by Error on 2010/05/10 at 13:18
Generaly the Company that have Forum aren't Scams , because we can find all details and user comments ,
Review of by scenedemon on 2010/04/28 at 13:01
these men are tossers who know fuck all and will help no one scam yes they take ur money then give you shit what dont run proper and for god sake dont open a ticket or ask for help you will get none lies you say i can prove other wise by the many of tickets and support issues i have loged

you know me santrex and speak the truth about your shoddy work

Review of by Øivind on 2010/04/24 at 16:19
This is the worst VPS service I have ever used!! Their VPS servers were recently hacked and since they had no backups all my data was lost!

Review of by lucky on 2010/04/14 at 11:35
They Are the worst VPS hoster i have ever come across . Their vps is always down . they keep wiping your vps for no reason . they are worst please be away from them . don't waste money on them instead donate in some cause .

Review of by whitemike on 2010/03/17 at 13:45
Horrible! Seriously, the worse.
Review of by Antony on 2010/02/09 at 07:40
I am not very long time costomer of santrex but I am compeletly satisfied with the sevrice quality and quantity they provide.

I host a small static site at one fo their american server and really glad being charged that cheap and recieving good support.

I think it is a fair company, which corresponds the offered specs and price. The uptime is above average, and surely better than man can find for the same price. I also like their content freedom and the ability to host most of the applications and CMS.

This company can be recommended.
Review of by Unal on 2010/01/26 at 09:33
when you open ticket, they always say: everything is ok, it is done for you. But there is nothing. They didnt check its situation.
For example, they can't add dedicated ip to its master reseller plan for 6 days.
They didnt accept money back. Why? Because they have TOS.
This company is not good. Stay away!

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