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Santrex General Information

Santrex was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

Website title

Shell Provider | IRCD Hosting | XDCC Hosting | Torrent Hosting | IRC VPS | IRC VDS - Web Hosting

Website description

Provide you with rock solid stability, top notch DDOS protection and cutting edge performance! A shell provider, ircd provider, webhosting provider, all in one provider you can trust.

Contact Information

Santrex Internet Services 16 Ada gardens London, Stratford E15 3EW GB Email: sales@santrex.net support@santrex.net

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Santrex Reviews 2018

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Review of santrex.net by Stay away on 2009/11/29 at 14:41
the support is terrible , Stay away from them
stay away from them , they not give you the service you purchased.
Review of santrex.net by Trust_me_dont_host_with_them on 2009/11/29 at 14:37

TRUST ME dont host with them .... SCAM SCAM SCAM ....

uptime = 65% - 75%
support= No support

i'm with sam and david
Review of santrex.net by Donald Mathew on 2009/11/27 at 21:58

I've been using Santrex for a few weeks now, not that bad as reviews may say. Best part is whenever I see a forum post it's always stating the scam part, hmm strange how a company can operate for years when they're scam.

They're not scam, it's a 100% operative company and I'm satisfied with their services overall.
Review of santrex.net by Sam on 2009/11/12 at 02:25
How can you trust someone who calls others "idiots"?

Everything David has mentioned is 100% correct, if you are looking for hosting services with good uptime then Santrex is not for you.

In one month my services has been off-line for at least 7 days in total. I have not renewed my services for this reason.

Now onto the support, the support is terrible and the staff are not well mannered, they take roughly 24 hours to reply to a ticket whether if the ticket is set on low or high, the level indicator doesn't mean anything to them.

The speed is good when the services is actually in working order but theres no point having good speeds if the service itself is off-line.

Overall I would rate Santrex 2 out of 10. ( Mainly because of all the downtime and extremely terrible support )

Lastly, I would definitely not recommend Santrex to no one unless of course they are happy with the reasons above.
Review of santrex.net by cerjturb on 2009/11/05 at 11:47
david is an idiot. santrex has extremely good service. i'd recommend them to anyone. the level 1 support guys can be a bit dumb, but once you get past them its decent. i've used their vps and shell accounts, both are great.
Review of santrex.net by David on 2009/10/28 at 18:51
This web host was the worse provider ive ever been with.


They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the servers are down for the majority of the time, the support is terrible, and the billing staff are rude and ignorrant.

Do not host with them, they will take your money and not give you the service you purchased.

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