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Securi Net General Information

Securi Net was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

Website title

Securinet - Secure Internet Services, web hosting, websites, reseller, virtual, dedicated, 24/7/365 free support, domain names, SSL certificates, instant activation

Website description

Securinet - Secure Internet Services, web hosting, websites, reseller, virtual, dedicated, 24/7/365 free support, domain names, SSL certificates, instant activation

Contact Information

Secure Internet Services, Risingfields Farm, Lighthorne Road Kineton Warwickshire CV35 0JL United Kingdom Tel.: 01926 350 060 E-mail: sales@securinet.co.uk

Securi Net Reviews 2018

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Review of securinet.co.uk by Dani on 2017/08/20 at 23:55
Does anyone have bad experience with securi. They would be the best according to them, But I only have problems with them. And is there a way that I can look how many people they employ (Chamber of Commerce). I will pay for it.

My english is not so good i'm from belgium and i speak dutch - I will also write it in Dutch.

-How it all started-
2 months ago I protected my domain name using securi firewall. Because securi told me they were the best I chosen them without a doubt.
3 days ago I contacted securi whit a support ticket. I asked them to delete my domain name, Because I bought another domain name, And I will not use the old domain name anymore. I want to use my new domain name with the securi firewal. They said no problem, just remove the securi name sever from your hosting Then you can delete it in your securi account. I do not know how to do that so my hosting company has removed the name server, And then I asked securi to put the new domain name into my securi account.
SECURI Ticket update

Hi, in that instance you need to point the nameservers from your domain.be back to the ones that they were previous to ours. Otherwise, if we remove the domain from the firewall dashboard the domain.be site will show a Sucuri error message.

Once the nameservers are pointed away from us and the site is no longer resolving to our firewall IP, we can remove it from the dashboard and then you can add in the new domain.

By: Jarret C.

SECURI Ticket update Ticket

The old site has been removed and the new site has been added

I was happy I thought now I can upload my website and then its well protected, Because securi told me they were the best.
Now I wanted to login I filled in my email address and my password. but I automatically get redirected to (https://login.sucuri.net/login/2fa/)
and I get a error - Sucuri 2FA ( Invalid code. Please try again.) Ok no problem until i have tried it 20 times with 20 different codes.
I then sent an email to support@sucuri.net Because written on their website. And Because I want to log in to my securi account

Please email support@sucuri.net if you need to reset or disable your 2FA account.

day 1 - I did not get an answer to my email nothing So I called them 10 times (No one answers the phone) A bit angry but okay tomorrow I will try again.

day 2 - Sent an email again but this time 3 emails - No one answer my email So I called them 15 times (I do not get anyone on the phone) A bit angry but okay tomorrow I will try again pffff.

Day 3 - I thought I will call them a few times a few times (8 times) - (But no one answers the phone) But yes i got a mail from them.
SECURI Ticket update Ticket

It looks like you were able to remove domain.be because I don't see any sites here at the moment: https://waf.sucuri.net/

You should be able to continue with adding new domain.be now, but let us know if you have any other issues.

- jon
Pffff After 3 days I get an email whit no answer to my question and I still can not log in
So I sent securi an e-mail (again)

The namesaver has already been deleted 3 days ago by my hosting company. and the domain name deleted Successful from suciri. I want to use my new domain name

But that's not the problem, and I say it again for clarity that's not the problem.
(2FA) Code not working - I've always been able to log in whit (2FA) Code until 3 days ago. When a colleague of you changed things in my securi account After that, I could not log in again.

you can remove (2FA) Code So I can log in (disable 2FA account.

I received a message again, you should send an email to billing@sucuri.net. I have already emailed them 4 times.

Hi there,

Unfortunately we currently do not have phone support at this time. It also appears that the emails were going to the wrong mailbox.

I would be happy to help you with disabling the 2fa so you can log in to your account. But first, I need to authenticate you as the account owner. We do this by verifying with the billing information on file.

If PayPal - we need the PayPal account email / billing agreement ID

If Credit card:
Company Name - if any
Full name of the account holder
Last 4 digits of the credit card number used
Expiration date
Billing address

Looking forward to your reply.


I sent them all the information and wait and waiting no anser no mail no call nothing. I now pay for a securi firewall that I can not use
Sorry but I'm really angry people. So I sent them an angry mail.

I'm really frustrated I thought you were the best. But I really begin to doubt you.
I have been trying for 3 days now To call you Your line is supposedly occupied for 3 days okay
Really this is the last time I send an email to you Can you solve my problem If you can not, I would like a refund. Because I pay for something I can not use

Please disable my 2FA account. So I can log in


Then I received a message

- This is the last message I received from Ryan securi -
Your IP address is being blocked for abuse. To continue correspondence, you can email support@sucuri.net. Have a great day! :)

- I have replay
Why I just want to be helped I've been waiting for 3 days now. No problem I will now post a review online with all the mails that I received from securi. please close my account. And give me a refund. Because you are not fair. have a nice day

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