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Shark Tech was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Sharktech Internet Services

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Sharktech Internet Services - Managed AMD/INTEL Servers including DDOS Filtering into affordable prices

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SHARKTECH INTERNET SERVICES 140 N Easy St Missoula, Montana 59802 United States 4064930597 Fax -- 2403762512 Pre-Sales Questions: Sales Support:

Shark Tech Reviews 2018

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Review of by Joe Hall on 2013/05/14 at 20:55
I would highly avoid SharkTech!

Their network is complete garbage. and they lie about attack sizes.
Review of by Evan on 2013/05/13 at 20:05
fuck you
Review of by afshi on 2012/08/23 at 13:35
Sharktech keep on introducing new hot deals, keep on reducing there price. However this is just an FYI to everyone. If you place an order with Sharktech just keep in your mind, after you make purchase and paid, your order will sit in queued and Its take 3 days then you get reply stating your order is now going to be processed Its can take 2 to 3 days. The days you make your payment just simply add 1 week after that you will have your server ready.
The worst part is you can order as many machines you want sharktech will be happy to process your request however they only give you total of 64 IPs per machine. If you are lucky they will give you 96 IP but not more than that stating “due to global shortage on IPv4 we can’t give you more than 64 or 96 IP’s in total”, which I think it’s ridiculous!!! . I am sorry, I don’t buy this crap and I think this is stupid, if you can bring hot deals and you have 20 machine available, not only that they recently came up with many other hot deals and machine with limited quantity. If you have that many machines available and people will purchase you will provide them at least 64 to 96 IP, but you can’t give 128 IP block to your current customers????
Which rubbish is that, Sharktech is bringing more and more machine available to purchase but they can’t give IP blocks??? If I order 2nd or 3rd server its ok for them to give me 64-96 IP block there. I guess there message “due to global shortage on IPv4 we can’t give you more than 64 or 96 IP’s in total” only apply on per machine per client but If I order 2nd or 3rd machine that will there is no global shortage. How stupid is that.
I order two machine from Globo Tech with 128 IPs they never said there is global shortage on IPv4 blocks. I do understand that there is shortage on IPv blocks but common however someone run there shell hosting business with 64 IPs only, every other company is giving 128 IPs why not sharktech.

Thats the only thing I want to shared because I was pissed and leaving Sharktech because of this reason, other then that I had great time with them. thanks
Review of by Daniel Reardon on 2012/04/21 at 11:41 - daily my Malwarebytes program flags this IP address as attempting potentially malicious (outgoing) programs. This IP traces to - Are these people the scum generating my SPAM or the hosts of the scum - you decide, either way if you lay with dogs expect to get fleas!
Review of by Maria Contruas on 2010/11/18 at 02:14
Recent incident that happened this weekend with Edge router in Chicago causing Uplink sessions to reset randomly. Colo service kept going up and down. No credit provided to customers. Horrible customer service responses.

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