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Simple Servers was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Magento Hosting Elgg and xcart hosting

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Magento Hosting, Elgg Hosting and x-cart hosting. Simple Servers is the reliable website host for critical sites and buiness applications.

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Simple Servers Basepoint Business Centre Isidore Road, Bromsgrove Technology Park Bromsgrove. B60 3ET Telephone: 0844 3570794 Email:

Simple Servers Reviews 2018

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Review of by Patrick Lyndsey on 2012/10/01 at 09:52
Simple Servers transferred my Magento store within the day and my page load speed has doubled. I have received more orders and had little reason to contact their support. On the odd occasion i needed help i had a fast response and was pointed in the direction of easy to follow knowledge base articles.

Highly recommended
Review of by P Kirk on 2012/02/26 at 19:57
Asked these guys to host my magento site on an SSD dedicated server. So far very happy with speed and support is fast and accurate. Thumbs up !!!!!!
Review of by Patrick Monaghan on 2011/08/19 at 09:27
I found Simple Servers from a speedtest comparison site where they were in position 2 and decided to give them a go after suffering a slow site on my old host.

Boy was i shocked. I ran some tests for page loads and there was no comparison. I had 28 seconds on my last host and between 2 and 6 on Simple depending the time of day i tested. V impressed.
Review of by MLS on 2010/11/25 at 14:19
Sounded keen to Host our X cart site and customise. Paid - fortunately only £64 start up. Supplied all they asked to move hosting.After that Nothing-no response to support ticket for over 30 days-no reply to phone calls to office number - mobile phone calls cut off. Tried to get refund without success. A bad experience
Review of by Gurdev Bohgel on 2010/11/01 at 11:49
We have just moved our Magento site from our current user and have been very impressed with the service. The site has been moved across free of charge and although we had a few problems the support guys were on it very fast.

Now the site is finished we have noticed that it runs faster and were are very happys.
Review of by K Davies on 2010/11/01 at 11:40
We use Simple Servers for our X cart Hosting.

Support is fast and efficient.
They upgraded our Xcart within a few hours, with no problems.

Have been with many Companies over the years and Simple Servers do actually seem to be faster than most

Review of by cj on 2009/12/09 at 21:50
We have existing site hosted elsewhere, was looking to move to a Magento specialist. Almost 1 week on, we do not have a functioning server, we were asked to modify DNS in order to make the server work...the DNS change would not resolve to an IP address...the DNS details provided by Simple Servers seem not to work. Have phoned the published number on the website - always encouraging..."you are at Q position 1"...and then an answer phone. Have left vice mail messages and used the ticket response.

Luckily I only paid 1 month in advance via Credit Card on Pay Pal - so have just initiated a process to get a refund. Not too fussed about the £18...but people like this waste time and potentially money. Someone should set up a hosting regulation scheme!
Review of by michelle hall on 2009/12/06 at 23:27
great speed for our magento hosting.
Good support, server seem faster than most I tried

Can I acess the control panel for the web space I paid for - YES
Do they respond to support tickets - YES
Do they respond to telephone requests - YES
Review of by Paul Palmer on 2009/10/26 at 11:11
We have used simple servers for over 5 years to host our x cart and magento sites. Fantastic support and alsways helped with any xcart problems.

Cannot fault them in any way. Excellent!
Review of by A.Smallwood on 2009/09/20 at 07:54
Host with these people at your peril.
As a new customer( I paid for 12 months hosting up front)they will fall over backwards.
Request a simple task to be done - such as - switch on notifications from Cpanel- and your in real trouble.They could not do it.
If you want an Xcart upgrade - This is well beyond their capabilities( and you have to pay them for this)
So much so after two months of complete frustration I have moved ISP's
Can I acess the control panel for the web space I paid for - NO
Do they respond to support tickets - No
Do they respond to telephone requests - No

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