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Super Hosting was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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SuperHosting Total Control Web Hosting

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Canadian Webhosting, Full control with PHP, mySQL, Webmail, Anti-virus, anti-spam, spamassasin and free php opensource application. Website builder included. Webhosting resellers.

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superhost, superhosted

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PlanetVelocity Corporation 209 Essex Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 USA Sales: Billing:

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Review of by derek b on 2013/12/11 at 15:47
I've had my website with these guys for six years. Worse than that, I have recommended many clients! All our sites are gone. No warning. No way to contact them. Bad enough I had to redo a bunch of sites when they had their fire, but now they just disappeared. Any way for us to get our money back?
Review of by Navi on 2013/12/10 at 12:32
Same issue here .... Neither PlanetVelocity nor can be reached. No notice in their website. Been with them for 8 years and they just charged me for the next two years. My website stopped working few days briefly and then came back online. However, yesterday, it seem to have gone down for good.
Review of by kevin k on 2013/12/10 at 05:34
companies go under... I get that... no notice... no email.... no warnin so we can find an alternative source......... been with these guys a long time..... no problems until now.... shitty way to treat loyal customers....
Review of by coachab on 2013/12/10 at 05:16
My friend's website stopped working about 5-6 days ago too , just like the user stasis. I looks like has just disappeared completely. unreal, can't believe it in today's world.
Review of by stassi on 2013/12/08 at 15:11
I've had my website with for 5 years. All of the sudden my websites are no longer and I'm unable to reach anyone at the numbers on their site or the emails I've used in the past. Has this company gone under? What is going on here? Not impressed at all.

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