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Toonie Hosting was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Cheap Web Hosting Canada from $1/mo Web Site Hosting Company in Canada by Toonie Hosting offering cheap Web Hosting

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Cheap Canadian Web Hosting & web site hosting from Toonie Hosting web hosting. Discount cheap web hosting packages from $1 per month! Instant Account Setup. No ads. No popups. awsome uptime.

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tooniehost, tooniehosted

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Review of by Helen on 2010/11/15 at 00:06
I get a laugh out of Marks statement that support tickets are one sentance. From what it sounds like, he is the type of person that hates everyone and everything and never "thinks" he gets what he deserves.
Tooniehosting has been great. Their support system is great. I even had a problem moving my wordpress blog from my old host and after requesting help from them, they offered to move it for me at no cost. within 20 minutes it was up and running great!
Even though their prices are low, it does not relect on their customer support which is great!
Review of by David on 2010/11/03 at 22:07
Been with Tooniehosting for a little over a year now and now host all my websites with them. They have great customer service, do provide more help then "Mark" states. They even helped me re-configure my blog when I moved it but could not get it working.
All in all, their uptime is great, support is fast and awesome, and the price is great!
Review of by Mark on 2010/06/14 at 12:30
Sucks, big time. You get what you pay for. When this guy mentions "tickets" the responses are one sentence, ZERO help, completely useless. They'll sell you on what they offer, once you sign up they don't actually offer it.
If you value your website, pay the extra someplace else where the CPanel is complete and you get real, LIVE support.

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