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UCVhost was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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UcvHost.com :: Cheap Windows Hosting :: Cheap Linux Hosting :: Cheap VPS Hosting :: Affordable Windows WebHosting , Liunx WebHosting, VPS WebHosting :: Shared Hosting

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Khanna, rajat b-6/7 vasant vihar new delhi, delhi 110057 IN

UCVhost Reviews 2018

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Review of ucvhost.com by Eric on 2011/12/26 at 13:09
I am really happy with UCVHOST. Their service is really nice.
Review of ucvhost.com by Andreas on 2011/12/26 at 09:10
I cant stop recommending UCVHOST. I have recommended them to all my friends. Their service is so nice.
Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/12/26 at 07:19
Thank you Mr Aditya Chandra

"I can't believe the rest of the comments and ratings. Customer service is shit. Most of the time the server goes down. Trust me, in this week i had to contact them 9 times. "

Why do you always leave so much for us so that we can tell that your comments are fake and that they come from you to defame UCVHOST because you are an ex-employee turned out of UCVHOST and now getting nowhere in life because you have so much reference for your future jobs on these websites. Take out your frustration somewhere else as these would get you nowhere but jail.

You are never bothered about what you are doing in life but do get hassled if you see positive reviews about UCVHOST on any site. Your comment just proved it again this time by writing I cant believe the rest of the comments on this site.

Ans as regards your comments let me tell you that UCVHOST support was online on the christmas eve (24 dec) as well as on the Christmas day (25 dec) also. We will be available on 31 dec as well as 1 jan also. There is no holiday at UCVHOST and we are always online to rectify the client's issues. If you have doubts then you can very come online on 31 dec and 1 jan to check if we are there or not.

Our work speaks for ourselves. We do not need at least your comments to make UCVHOST work.



or else this would be considered as defamation and would be liable for penalties

Review of ucvhost.com by Ray J on 2011/12/25 at 15:30
I can't believe the rest of the comments and ratings. Customer service is shit. Most of the time the server goes down. Trust me, in this week i had to contact them 9 times. If you want to have a website with 4 html static pages, this hosting might work, otherwise, please don't wast your money.
Review of ucvhost.com by Angie on 2011/12/18 at 13:19
Their servers are very fast, and they provide 24/7 support service. And what else, they give the cheapest price available in the market.
Review of ucvhost.com by Abiola on 2011/12/17 at 19:44
I would recommend UCVHOST everybody. Their service is first class and they have wide range of hosting plans. I have always got a very prompt and great support from them. I have not seen such nice service anywhere else I have been before UCVHOST.
Review of ucvhost.com by Sanger on 2011/12/16 at 17:01
I did a lot of research before settling with UCVHOST and simply they were the best. I have had no problems, instant uptime, and great add-ons. More than anything it simply works.
Review of ucvhost.com by Pablo on 2011/12/16 at 13:27
I took their discount offer and migrated my server from Virtuozzo to hyper V. It works well and does not cost me much too. I never thought that the performance of their hyper v servers will also be that great,, I mean more than great all I can say.
Review of ucvhost.com by Phil on 2011/12/16 at 05:00
I bought an exchange email server from UCVHOST. It works so well. I am now able to fine tune my communications in my company because of their quality service.
Review of ucvhost.com by Abuva on 2011/12/15 at 18:47
UCVHOST has never shut me down for higher traffic and I like them a lot for this reason.

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