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UCVhost was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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UcvHost.com :: Cheap Windows Hosting :: Cheap Linux Hosting :: Cheap VPS Hosting :: Affordable Windows WebHosting , Liunx WebHosting, VPS WebHosting :: Shared Hosting

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Khanna, rajat b-6/7 vasant vihar new delhi, delhi 110057 IN

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Review of ucvhost.com by Tomas on 2011/09/05 at 06:17
I'm not a complainer...not picky and let too many things slide by usually.
I'm from europe where customer service is 100 times worse compared to california, but I must say, I have never in my life experienced this much worthless, POOR customer service in my life.

This so called company ucvhost.com, have absolutely no structure in their business. Their vps restart by them selves and they never even have the courtesy to notify their clients, and most times they have no idea that it even happens.

But that was only 1-2 times a month. customer service..heh..they give out empty promises, I really tried to stick it together and let things pass but now it's impossible. YOU CAN NEVER GET ONE SINGLE DAMN THING SORTED OUT WITH THEM. NOTHING can ever go smoothly with them.

* They disappear from chat without a "Please hold".
* They disconnect and leave the chat middle of an issue without a goodbye or even an apology for their lack of ability to explain why my vps changed password or other issues.
* They always ask you to e-mail their support with an issue and the day after when you haven't received anything back (Which they promised they will) they ask you for a ticket id which you NEVER receive when sending out to their company e-mail
* Their Refund form on their website doesn't work.

And they have people searching for reviews on web and claim EVERYBODY that are writing something bad about them are FAKE.

Review of ucvhost.com by Cole on 2011/07/13 at 16:05
With UCVHOST I have never had issues with the uptime of my server. I had only one technical issue recently in my last 5 years of hosting with them. I went online and chatted with them, and they created a new VPS for me and restored all data from the old one to the new VPS. They did all this in just 10 mins. Their support service as well as their speed of service is really nice. They didn’t even charge me for it though it was my fault because of which the server was facing the issue.

And what I else I was surprised to see a mail from their support team that they had given me 15 days VPS for free. So in my next billing they just charged me for half month and I had used it for full month. WOW is the word for them.
Review of ucvhost.com by Cleve on 2011/07/11 at 20:32
UCVHOST is available on weekends that is the biggest advantage I get with them. My earlier hosting provider wasn’t available on weekends so lots of my work used to suffer as I had time only on weekends. With them whatever settings I have to do or change something I do it on weekends with their help. My work is a lot easier now. This was the host I was looking for the kind of work I do. NICE OVERALL
Review of ucvhost.com by Anna on 2011/07/10 at 14:47
UCVHOST has been a great help to me as far as I know. I had just started trading in Forex and did not know how to start. They helped me in installing my desired expert advisor and also the settings so that I could trade automatically. They are so experienced in Forex VPS I didn’t know. It’s the first time I have chosen UCVHOST and I think I will continue with them. They are very helpful.
Review of ucvhost.com by Brenda on 2011/07/10 at 06:42
I was looking for a hosting provider that would allow me to run any script on my server as long as I do not affect the others on the same server. UCVHOST allowed me in doing so. They are the best!!!!!!
Review of ucvhost.com by Bob on 2011/07/08 at 18:29
I am newbie to hosting. But UCVHOST has never made me realize that. They are so helpful and keep patience with me. They not only install things for me but also explain them to me so that I can do it myself next time. I no longer feel that I am new into this field. Thanks to them as they have been a great help and support.
Review of ucvhost.com by Jack on 2011/07/07 at 13:09
It has been 2 years I am with UCVHOST. I do not plan to change my host as they are perfect as far as hosting services are concerned. I have now got used to their services and feel very comfortable with them. I love them
Review of ucvhost.com by Becky on 2011/07/06 at 18:47
About UCVHOST all I can say is that
– great support service
- Available 24/7 and on weekends
- Nearly 100% uptime
- Cheap prices
- Lots of features
You can never go wrong with UCVHOST.
Review of ucvhost.com by Williams on 2011/07/06 at 10:20
UCVHOST is very cheap and the services you get in return are also awesome. They have given me VPS for just $10 and I still have full access to the virtual machine. I mean it not restricted in any way. You get so much with so less a price with UCVHOST.

Overall they are nice as I also get support 24/7. So I never worry about my server.
Review of ucvhost.com by Support UCVHOST on 2011/07/05 at 13:19
We have gone through the review of Mr Sven and can clearly state that it is a fake as well as a false comment just to harm the reputation of UCVHOST.

UCVHOST would love to comment that if this comment was intended to harm the reputation of UCVHOST. He should have written reasonable comments. Writing that your Forex VPS was down for 3 consecutive days is highly unreasonable. You think a hosting company can exist if his servers are down for 3 days.

Regarding our support service,, ONE CAN GO TO UCVHOST.COM and click on live chat and see if there is a response or not. We do not have to prove ourselves there by writing a review. A reply from our executive would fairly well justify our working and prove this review to be false.

We never shutdown the servers randomly and we take special care of our Forex VPS clients as their lots of money is dependent on our service.

We fairly understand what it means to give a 99.999% uptime and continuously strive to achieve it.

Also if someone still complains then he is most welcome to take a refund.

We know after this comment from UCVHOST regarding this guy whole falsely puts comments on all sites will come up with a review that we do not refund the money.

For that we would love to tell you in advance that if you have paid through credit card then you can ask for a chargeback from your credit card company. Also if you have paid through Paypal then you can put in a dispute. So there is no way we can keep your money. Your money as well as your website is very much secure with UCVHOST.

We are a hosting company who believes in fair values. We would rather work hard and then shine rather than defame others and then come up.

Recommending VPSLAND here on this page definitely proves what this comment means. VPS LAND is a great company and using its name to harm UCVHOST proves that this guy (Aditya Chandra - our ex employee is doing this stuff). You can definitely read the next few pages on this site for reviews of UCVHOST and find a comment from EX EMPLOYEE UCVHOST. Then you would come to know that this comment follows its trail. We know the next comment from him would be regarding refunds and so have answered it here in advance.

We need not speak more. Our work Speaks for ourselves. Try us and you will come to know.

And still Mr Sven if you really are a sufferer then please give us your transaction id to prove we are wrong. ALL THE BEST


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