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UCVhost was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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UcvHost.com :: Cheap Windows Hosting :: Cheap Linux Hosting :: Cheap VPS Hosting :: Affordable Windows WebHosting , Liunx WebHosting, VPS WebHosting :: Shared Hosting

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Khanna, rajat b-6/7 vasant vihar new delhi, delhi 110057 IN

UCVhost Reviews 2018

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Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/05/10 at 09:21
hi ALL

If anybody has an issue with UCVHOST then you please put a comment on blog.ucvhost.com too so that we are able to segregate fake comments from the genuine ones.

Since past two months we have been receiving slander from Aditya Chandra our ex employee, (you can go and read the review on the next page ON THIS SITE from him, where he himself has revealed his identity as ex-employee ucvhost by putting a comment by his name). He just wants to harm our reputation for his personal grievances since we turned him out of the company. We have proofs of the same too.

So it is our humble request to everyone who is either satisfied or unsatisfied, please just put the same comment on blog.ucvhost.com too. This way we can give you personal assistance to your issues also. We are not stopping you from putting your feedback on the internet. But please submit the same review on our site too. This way your comment will also reach higher management, and also we would know which ones are fake comments and which ones are true.


Review of ucvhost.com by Daisy on 2011/05/09 at 13:26
I had been looking for a good hosting service for a long time but couldn’t come across one. In January I just visited UCVHOST by chance on Google and just thought that I should give this company a try at least. So I just bought their lowest plan. I checked their service for a month and found that their service was very nice. My server did not go down even once. Then I bought more accounts with them and now am running 5 multiple accounts with them and am very happy. This is the best company for hosting I can say. Its been 5 months now and not any major issue I have faced. REALLY APPRECIATING. I AM SIMPLY IN LOVE WITH THEM.
Review of ucvhost.com by B Smith on 2011/05/09 at 12:21
Recently I bought my hosting from UCVHOST. I was really amazed with their service. I mean I ordered for one and it was ready in 2 hours. They also helped me install various applications on my server and also helped me in transferring all the data from my previous provider. They were really helpful and I did not even feel that the move had happened. This is not the first time I am changing my hosts. But my experience with UCVHOST in moving my server was great. COMMENDABLE SERVICE I must say.
Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/05/09 at 12:14
Hi Mr Aditya Chandra (OUR EX EMPLOYEE)




and pasted here and he did not even see that we have all the details and this comment has already been replied to.


OUR REPLY WAS AS FOLLOWS (you can check it on that site)

Thank you Mr James for taking out your valuable time and writing a review for us.

Sir you have mentioned here that you are with us since last 3 years and we are happy to have a longer association with you.

As far as we are able to see from your id we have checked our records and can see that we have already sent you the authcode for transfer of domain.

BBT-811539 -------------04-may-2011


Sir you had put in the above mentioned ticket on 4th may, 2011 for domain transfer and the same was replied to on 5th may, 2011. That means your authorisation code for domain transfer was sent to you the very next day within 24 hours of creating the ticket.

Again you have put in a ticket today 6th may,2011 for the. But sir please check your mail , we have already intimated you for the same.

You need to at least give us 24 hours to work on your tickets.

Thanks for being with us for three years now.
Review of ucvhost.com by James on 2011/05/09 at 08:18


The service I have with UCVHost no longer works for what I want to accomplish with my site. I have written UCVHost support requesting my site be moved from their Windows Service platform to a Linux (UNIX) based server I have received no response or help at this point been several, months. So for the last month I have been submitting email and support requests through their web support tool requesting a Transfer Authorization Code my domain to be transferred from UCVHost to DreamHost. Same results no response what so ever. If you are sure you'll never need support UCVHost may work for you but from my experience the lack of support response is the deal breaker and the reason I am trying to move off UCVHost..
Review of ucvhost.com by Austin on 2011/05/03 at 05:50
I have just signed up with UCVHOST. So far I have not faced not faced any issue, it has been a month now. I hope they are always like this.
Review of ucvhost.com by Support UCVHOST on 2011/04/26 at 15:25
Hi the members of 000webhost team.

We from UCVHOST would like this to bring to your notice that our ex employee Aditya Chandra is putting false reviews on every site since he was turned out of the company. Now he has put a review by the name of SUPPORT UCVHOST. He is just trying to defame us and harm our reputation..Earlier he was putting negative comments about us and now he has put a comment by the name of SUPPORT UCVHOST so that people now think that we put good reviews for us.


You guys dont even check the email and the ip from where it has been put.

Please we would like you to please review every comment that is being put on your site.


Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/04/26 at 06:58
I am very happy with UCVHOST who have provided me with tons of features,nice live support and great service. It has enabled me, as a newbie, to practice my web design. I had been very hesitant to make a start because I didn't want to fork out good money for a website when I new that I was not yet a competent web designer. I would certainly recommend UCVHOST web hosting to anybody and would recommend it even more strongly to those who are making a start in web design. You have very reasonable price and provide your users with some very helpful facilities. Please keep up the good work as I have some friends who will definitely going to use your web hosting plan.
Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/04/22 at 06:41
Thank You Mr Rishi for appreciating our services. We would also love to tell you that along with Melbourne IT we have now also joined hands with INDIAMART for selling of domains and also we are now Platinum partners with PARALLELS.

Thanks for supporting UCVHOST and helping us reach to this level.
Review of ucvhost.com by SUPPORT UCVHOST on 2011/04/22 at 06:39
Thank You Mr Rishi for appreciating our services. We also love to tell you that along with Melbourne IT we have now also joined hands with INDIAMART for selling of domains and also we are now Platinum partners with PARALLELS.

Thanks for supporting UCVHOST and helping us reach to this level.

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