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UCVhost was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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UcvHost.com :: Cheap Windows Hosting :: Cheap Linux Hosting :: Cheap VPS Hosting :: Affordable Windows WebHosting , Liunx WebHosting, VPS WebHosting :: Shared Hosting

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Khanna, rajat b-6/7 vasant vihar new delhi, delhi 110057 IN

UCVhost Reviews 2018

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Review of ucvhost.com by Ricky on 2012/12/03 at 04:36
I have nothing but all praises for them. The domain issue is a lie as I have myself renewed my domain today, and all successful transactions.

I have had no issues with this company past 10 years,, yes I am with them for 10 years now. And what can I say about the service, they are the best and offer a good and a timely support
Review of ucvhost.com by Victor on 2012/12/01 at 22:48
They simply theft (or borrowed for unknown period of time) my domain name. During about 3 weeks they have kept promising - ... within 4 hours, within 24 hours, within 1 day, etc... so they simply have lain me. They use my “Who is” record to advertise their content.
The scheme is simple: I missed my expiration date and fully paid on the 6th if November instead of the 3th. Then I renewed but got an error. I contacted support and they told me all is ok. But during 2 weeks I was receiving warnings from Melbourne IT Ltd (seems they provide all domain names for UcvHost) until they told me my domain is fully expired. I have contacted UcvHost support for several times but they assured all is ok. To my surprise when I lost access to my content they started advertising of their own content! But another surprise was that they updated the Who is with MY DATA (not my personal own, registration data belongs to my friend) on the 22th of November. SO THEY ADVERTISE SOME CONTENT USING MY WHO IS INFO!!! AND THEY DEFINITELY PAID MUCH LATER to Melbourne IT. I tried to contact their support for several times but no luck – just usual lie that all will be fixed very soon. So after yesterday’s portion of lie I decided to publish my story here.
Still trying to contact Melbourne IT to reolve that issue, let's see...
Review of ucvhost.com by vasant on 2012/11/30 at 08:24
I lost my webdomain because of them......... stay away from them........scam
Review of ucvhost.com by Peter on 2012/11/30 at 05:21
After 9 days still my domain not renew and down .
Nobody answer me in ucvhost correctly ..
their renewal system has problem but how many more days?!
Review of ucvhost.com by Dani on 2012/11/28 at 06:23
JUST DO not work with them
Review of ucvhost.com by Milla on 2012/11/28 at 06:14
if anybody here try to told that can't stop recommending is BIG LIE... or maybe some one from inside.. ask me 2 weeks no renewal and here same lie every days!
Review of ucvhost.com by vivek on 2012/11/27 at 10:49
STAY AWAY FROM UCVHOST... never ever work with them
Review of ucvhost.com by vivek on 2012/11/27 at 10:47
I will kindly advice anybody to stay off ucvhost hosting too
I renew my domain 2 weeks ago still noting and the worse part is our domain is down and nobody answer ..
exactly "The customer service and chat are full of lies"
Review of ucvhost.com by Don on 2012/11/21 at 10:28
I can't change my name server for ove 2 months. One of my websites has been down down for 3 weeks because they can't renew it for 3 weeks.
Review of ucvhost.com by Danny on 2012/11/20 at 04:14
This is the WORST company ever. they do not know what they are doing and my email been down for more than a week since NOV 6 and no answer. STAY AWAY FROM UCVHOST.

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