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Uk Cheapest was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Cheap Domain Names, Web Hosting & Design | UK-Cheapest.co.uk

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The cheapest domain names & web hosting supplier in the UK. Free domain name with hosting, Free web builder with every domain. Register your domains today.

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C R Newcomb PO Box 10112 Great Cornard Sudbury CO10 0QW United Kingdom Email: helpdesk@uk-cheapest.co.uk

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Uk Cheapest Reviews 2018

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Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Wallace Goh on 2011/12/20 at 13:49
I have buy domain name and hosting..no respone at all for 7 days....lucky i ask paypal to refund and get back my money...their are not serious at doing business.as i know that their bunch of kid working at morning and doing part time at nite for this hosting business...
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Lucy Dalzell on 2011/11/12 at 14:05
Whilst carrying out various maintenance work on my website, Uk Cheapest were always at hand to help with any technical queries I had in good time.

They offer a personal service that you wouldn't normally expect to receive from a global company. I have found them really helpful at all times.

Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Nicola Elvin on 2011/11/12 at 13:57
Great hosting company. I host a few websites with them.

One of the bext things about them is their support, they want to help and do.

I just used their live chat support for a permission issue I was having and he went and fixed it there and then for me.

Honestly, absolutely brilliant support.
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Mike Fitzpatrick on 2011/11/07 at 17:05
Thanks to everyone at Ukc - who are always at hand to help out with any problems... web, hosting, domains what ever it ism they always sort them out!!

Mike Fitzpatrick
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Iain Ferguson on 2011/11/07 at 17:04
Bought a couple of Domain Names from UK-Cheapest.co.uk after reviewing their website claims and features. I had some technical problems hosting the domains with Google Apps and MobileMe but with their prompt online support I now have both my websites up and running. I feel confident that if I have any more queries, that their support will be there to sort things out.

Iain Ferguson, www.skyenet.org.uk.
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by fred hirst on 2011/11/05 at 11:55
Do not go to this hosting firm. You will only get no service. No response. The videos are not worth a light. Everything they show is wrong or does not work. You cannot use Wordpress even though they say you can. You have to use one of the others from the list. Then it will not go on home page. So if you want to Blog KEEP WELL CLEAR OF THIS HOSTING. I have built websites else where but find this terrible.. A total waste of time and energy.
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by David of lawsonmarketing.co.uk on 2011/11/03 at 15:53
UK-Cheapest Payment options - What should you choose?

So you want a new website. You've done your search for the Url.. great it's available so you proceed to pay. Then what?

I reached the payment section but I was unsure about the number of hosting accounts I should buy, then I spoke to the guys on Live Chat. "Tel" (who helped me out) was very helpful, knowledgable, Fast, and above all patient... with a novice like me!

Really useful conversation, which I cut and pasted for future reference as a lot of helpful Urls were also supplied - I would recommend this service to others.

David Lawson
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by Joy Porteous on 2011/11/03 at 15:52
Brilliant help, thank you! Freindly, detailed help. Nothing too much trouble, and well explained even made sense to me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by david on 2011/09/21 at 19:11
I bought a url name through them. This is where the trouble started. I found when I came to put mysite up and searched for it through google that uk-cheapest had squatted the site with their information. Basically they used the bought domain name to advertise themselves, and google had indexed this. I complained about this. They progressed to presume to treat my complaints as if I knew nothing about the procedure. When I carried on complaining they cut and paste an answer. I carried on complaining. The complaint was escalated to level II. The responses took longer and longer to come through. They told me to clear my browser cache and type the url in my browser - again as if I knew nothing. Then the site dissapperaed from google search results - not even uk-cheapest meta-description information now. I complained about this. The complaint was escalated to level III. Now I got the blame with a "sorry you cannot use/understand our system", and then refunded me my money.

At no pint did uk-cheapest admit any wrong doing on their part. They were very politic, and remind one of a famous interview of the ex tory leader Michael Howard by Jeremy Paxman where Howard would not answer a question or give a straight answer.
Review of uk-cheapest.co.uk by chris on 2011/09/09 at 14:24
i was with them for 2 years, 9 out of 10 support tickets were answered within 24-48hrs, and then again you have to wait again for a reply to a reply so this can go on for sometime to resolve a problem.

support is basically none existent, you may get a reply within 24hrs and then escalate to lev2 and the wait goes on.

cheap is cheap for a reason..

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