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Uk Cheapest was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Cheap Domain Names, Web Hosting & Design |

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The cheapest domain names & web hosting supplier in the UK. Free domain name with hosting, Free web builder with every domain. Register your domains today.

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C R Newcomb PO Box 10112 Great Cornard Sudbury CO10 0QW United Kingdom Email:

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Review of by Michael Short @ on 2010/02/01 at 17:21
There the cheapest place i could find thats uk based so i thought i would give them a go. There hosting plans are very competative and its a very simple process to regester your domain/hosting.

The customer support is second to none i persoaly was dealing with tony and colin and they were 2 of the most helpfull people you could ask for.

The only thing i would change about UK-Cheapest is there cPannel ensimPro is a little dated compared to other cPannels but the customer service makes up for this.

All in all a fantastic service and i will be using them again, Michael Short
Review of by John Hutchinson on 2010/01/30 at 19:37
I had a problem when I tried to host two domains on my uk-cheapest hosting account. I contacted uk-cheapest via their web form and was immediately contacted by one of their engineers. After several very helpful messages between us my hosting account was upgraded to use one of their new Plesk servers which would allow me to host multiple accounts. The process was painless!
I will continue to use uk-cheapest for my hosting and domain registrations.
Review of by Steve Barclay on 2010/01/29 at 16:23
What a great service from your help desk - patient no frills advice. If you or your company are looking for a a brilliant web solution service look no further. What a great service many thanks!
Review of by Jayne Frost on 2010/01/28 at 19:08
I found the help desk to be very helpful and they came across as friendly, I did not feel patronised because I know very little about website updating.
I was amazed that they answered my query so quickly, and with very helpful advice.
I have had no problems with them or their service, my query was my end not their's and really nothing to do with them but they did help me to sort it out with as I said good advice.

I will definitely stay with them.
Jayne Frost
Review of by romx on 2010/01/23 at 22:50
uk cheapest have always provided a great and cheap service for me when i opened my first website till now when i sell websites it is often cheaper for me to go to uk-cheapest than use my own enom account keep up the great work uk-cheapest. (i have never used their hosting only domain name registration)
Review of by Bill Malster on 2009/12/23 at 18:28
Where the hell is my hosting package. You seem to have diss apeared of the face of the internet, I want my money back now! I have not been able to access the site or any sites with your address for yonks.................
Review of by Carl on 2009/10/26 at 13:28
Poor service so far, an outdated version of ensim control panel is provided to administrate your domain, if you're thinking of running anything php based you're in for a lot of headaches. Customer service and online support are pretty much non existant, no phone number to contact them on either.
You get what you pay for I suppose, uk cheapest.

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