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Ultima Hosts was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Ultima Hosts LLC: Worldwide Windows VPS and Windows Reseller Hosting

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Ultima Hosts - Windows Reseller Hosting, Windows 2008 VPS and Windows Dedicated Servers

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ultimahost, ultimahosted

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Ultima Hosts LLC 6100 Neil Road, Suite 500 Reno Nevada,89511 US Tel. +1.2142349078

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Ultima Hosts Reviews 2018

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Review of ultimahosts.net by Tan Do on 2009/11/25 at 19:25
I have used UltimaHosts for over a year. The customer service has been fantastic. I wish my other service providers responded with the speed and effectiveness as these guys. I have been very happy with my service as well. I can not recall any service outages, and the network access speed has been exceptionally fast.

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