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Vari Host was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Web Hosting Company UK - Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting & Exchange 2007 Email Hosting - Fast, Secure & Reliable

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VARiHOST web hosting company offers a broad range of internet services, including website hosting, email hosting, domain registration and website design. All with UK based 24/7 support.

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varihosting, varihosts

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VARiHOST Limited 9 Silvergate Ruxley Lane Epsom, Surrey KT19 9GZ Email: sales@varihost.net Telephone: 020 8391 4500

Vari Host Reviews 2018

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Review of varihost.net by Sue Edwards on 2011/07/20 at 13:10
Uptime is excellent and in the last 18 months we have been using Varihost is over 99% so better than with any other hosting company.

Support has been first rate, we use the support tickets and all responses are considered and on time on every occasion even when we have cocked things up! Speed is good and even for our image rich sites faster than our previous hosting company.

We set exacting standards for all of our suppliers and Varihost have exceeded our expectations each and every time. It disappoints me to see private business communications laid out on the public forum as the post below. It says more about the poster than Varihost in my view.
Review of varihost.net by Martyn Batten on 2010/12/22 at 08:02
Wow, now that was bad, read this following transcript from their support and you'll see exactly what I mean,

Tue, Dec 21 2010 1:39pm
I have just checked my site which says restricted access...
READ THIS: I have installed these exact data files over 80 times and they have worked perfectly, with
very few exceptions....
Please can you look at the site and explain why yours is different please.. The only doubt I have is root
directory path <<<I have removed root path description for security>>>
Is this correct?
This is obviously very urgent as my client does not currently have a working site...
Further info: back end administration appears to be working fine on the site, I am using Joomal 1.5

Tue, Dec 21 2010 4:32pm
Thank you for your ticket.
I have had a look at your hosting account, and from what I am able to tell, it appears that there may be
an issue with the php scripting on the site. I have uploaded a phpinfo file to the site which appears to
be working correctly, and shows that the hosting account is working correctly. You should be able to
see it by going to http://<<<removed for security>>>/phpinfo.php . You should also be able to see
various images on the site working by going to an address such as
http://<<<removed for security>>>/images/apply_f2.png .
I've also confirmed that the account is functioning correctly with my server admin and we've run a
diagnostic check on the account/server.
Have you checked the application requirements and that it's suitable with the versions (php/mysql etc)
provided on your account?

Tue, Dec 21 2010 4:43pm
As always I have to repeat myself....
READ THIS: I have installed these exact data files over 80 times and they have worked perfectly, with
very few exceptions....
If the same files work perfectly on 79 other hosts and a problem exists on one host only.... what is the
logical assumption.... The script is fine, please look again at the site, where this has happened before
the server did not look for index.php and was only set to look for index.html....
I have added an index.html file and this works oK, yet index.php does not.... I am using Joomla 1.5
and the fact that you had to ask me what I was using is clear that you have not look closely at the
account, please do not give me standard responses and look at the issue please...

Tue, Dec 21 2010 5:00pm
I appreciate your comments and take them on board.
The response you received was not a standard response, we had looked at your account and the issue
you raised.
You were not asked what you had installed on your account, I asked if you'd checked the application
requirements were suitable.
I am looking into this now, however please change the tone of your support requests.
Many thanks.

Tue, Dec 21 2010 5:07pm
My tone is polite and I would appreciate it if you considered your clients needs rather than your own feelings....

Tue, Dec 21 2010 5:37pm
Thank you for your reply.
Clients needs are our priority.
Your issue has been passed to second line support and to a server amdinistrator who have confirmed
that this is a scripting issue and not a server issue.
Scriping issues are beyond the scope of support.
Your hosting account is functioning correctly.
However your communications are rude and condescending, which we are not prepared to accept.
After careful consideration, your account will be closed and a full refund asap.

Tue, Dec 21 2010 5:46pm
Thank you, that's just what I was going to ask for next.... How can it be a scripting issue when the
same files and scripts work within other hosts? If you can't support Joomla properly you obviously
have server issues as well as customer service issues!

After that last response they blocked my ip and have not as yet refunded my fee, I am about to contact my card company and request a reversal....

My advise to anybody using this company is to be very careful and if they want support don't bother... these guys obviously can't fix problems...

Just to recap..... They could not support a Joomla script, the same script that had been used on many other hosts (over 80) in the last few weeks....

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