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Veb Nest was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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master reseller hosting, Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited/Unmetered reseller hosting, unmetered master reseller hosting, unlimited cpanel hosting, Domain Registration, website with free hosting, ecommerce, SEO

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VEBNEST offer complete web solutions 24/7 including master reseller hosting @14.95$/month, linux master reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, unlimited master reseller hosting, domain registration, web design, ecommerce and search engine optimization

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vebnests, webnest

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Address: 6635 Commercial Blvd., Lauderhill, FL, 33160 USA E-mail:

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Review of by John on 2011/09/27 at 02:44
I am Faced same issue in Vebnest,com really very bad hosting , after purchase this host i faced many issues.... then i moved this is a very good host provider and very low cost hosting any one want fast and good hosting you can use this is very good ..... special for wordpress blog ....
Review of by Ugur AKBULUT on 2011/09/19 at 17:36
a company in a very disgusting. Do not even $ 1. I bought a reseller and I lost a lot of money.
Review of by Ayaz on 2011/09/13 at 07:11
Since the day I got the Master Reseller Hosting, my sites got down again and again without being noticed, I tried to RETURN my money back, but they offered me to transfer the hosting on different server so i stopped asking return my payment.

But after few days of better service, they started poor hosting again, now since yesterday, they are completely down, when i m trying to access my websites, my websites start downloading even i tried from multiple browsers and multiple locations.

at this time is also down.

my client's base is totally disturbed due to their poor service.
Review of by Faisal Hussain on 2011/08/31 at 15:18
Hello K.Babu,

you can get free Alpha Reseller, Master Reseller, Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting @
its free no one have to pay for this.
if you want to know anything email me @
Review of by K.Babu on 2011/08/31 at 07:33
My server DNODE11 (MR3) is down since 30-Aug-2011 01:09 Hrs GMT. I was not able to contact support either by chat or by phone (1-305-432-2144 Number not in use!!!).

I was also unable to login to my client page, it says there is no such user there.

Review of by Faisal Hussain on 2011/08/31 at 05:31
Hello Guys,

so finaly i have buy my own server and start free selling Alpha Reseller, Master Reseller, Reseller Hosting, Singple Hosting its really free $0 no one have to pay for this
to get this simply sign up @
so don't wait and start your own busines with this offer
if you want or have any question contact with me @ or call me @ +923456942915
Review of by Faisal Hussain on 2011/08/30 at 23:54
today i talk again on there live chat

my invoice date 25/08/2011 and today 31 but still i do not get Alpha Reseller Mother Fucker and toady they cancel my account and today i already talk with admin who is big mother fucker

all chat are here

Thank you for your patience when waiting for Live Help, we apologize for any delays that you may experience.

Currently 1 users waiting for Live Help. [Refresh]
Would you like to continue waiting or leave an Offline Email ?

john: Welcome to VEBNEST Live Help, how are you doing today?
john: Hello
john: welcome to VEBNEST
john: how may i help you
Faisal: Hello John
Faisal: today i talk with your admin on phone
Faisal: and tell him my account issue
Faisal: but still my account issue not solve
smith has joined the conversation.
smith: ok sir send me your ticket id ?
Faisal: View Ticket #605638
smith: ok hold on
Faisal: on 28/08/2011 08:17 i was submit this
Faisal: but still issue not solve
Faisal: i know cos you are pakistani
smith: ok hold on
Faisal: and pakistani people very lazy
Faisal: Smilie
smith: we don't offer phone support
smith: and you are not allowed to contact any of our team member or
smith: branch offices
smith: you are not entitled for it
smith: if we found next time your accounts will be terminated without notice
Faisal: Really ?
smith: infact i do suggest cancel your account we don't host clients who try to break our rules so better you leave us before we close your accounts
smith: yes exactly
Faisal: give me reason to terminate accounts ?
smith: i would suggest cancel account and open refund request
Faisal: terms & conditions ?
smith: if you will have 30days money back we will refund
smith: who asked you to call our admin or team members?
Faisal: invoice date 25/08/2011
Faisal: and today 31
Faisal: but still i have no Alpha reseller option
smith: where its mentioned you can call them
smith: sure go for cancelation we can't host you as you try to contact direct our team members
smith: we will not answer your tickets other than your refund request. Thanks
smith: take care bye
Faisal: oh listen
Faisal: you know me ?
Faisal: han
Faisal: me tum logon ka kya hall akron ga
Faisal: soch nahi saktay
Faisal: ok
Faisal: listen now
Faisal: 6 din pehle ticket submit kya
smith: we are waiting for your ticket for refund your informations will be reported FIA to threat company
Faisal: but no reply
smith: and will see who will do what whith whom
Faisal: oh teri behn ki lun
Faisal: samja
Faisal: gando
Faisal: review dekho apne
Faisal: websites per
smith: your accounts will be canceled
smith: and terminated
Faisal: FIA me report kar
Faisal: me dekhta hon
smith: go and write in your mother ass
smith: bye
Faisal: fuck you
Review of by Shan Alam on 2011/08/29 at 22:44
Simply they are just Bastard.

Please Like Facebook Page to stop them

and Post your story on wall.
Review of by Faisal Hussain on 2011/08/29 at 09:32
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Vebnest they are big mother fucker ,
don't buy anything from vebnest

i was buy Alpha 3 from vebnest on 25/08/2011 and today date is 29/08/2011 but still i have no acces to login to Alpha Reseller Blody Busted People ..

today i talk again on there live chat with mike this is one of the biggest mother fucker.

mike: Welcome to VEBNEST Live Help, how are you doing today?
mike: hello
Hussain: Hello Mike
mike: yes
Hussain: can you tell me whats problem with you guys ?
mike: ???
Hussain: i was buy Alpha Reseller 4 days ago
Hussain: and still there is no Alpha Reseller option
Hussain: and also i was submit ticket but no reply
Hussain: any problem ?
mike: ticket no?
Hussain: View Ticket #605638
Hussain: where ths problem ?
mike: wait sir im checking
Hussain: okay
Hussain: invoice date 25/08/2011
Hussain: and today 29
Hussain: Hello
mike: yes
Hussain: what's happen ?
mike: sir i have forward your ticket to admin
mike: he will reply you soon
Hussain: heheheh
Hussain: yes very soon
Hussain: lazy people
Hussain: possible to get refund ?
mike: your issue will resolve shortly
mike: admin is checking now
Hussain: i will just wait 30 minutes and after 30 minutes if this issue not solve i will open dispute against this transaction
Hussain: understand

after that they terminate my account & delete account also :(

but today i have buy reseller hosting from and they really good fast support and fast ticket responce really like it.
Review of by Shan Alam on 2011/08/19 at 18:43
Please Like Facebook Page to stop them

and Post your story on wall.

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