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Veb Nest was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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master reseller hosting, Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited/Unmetered reseller hosting, unmetered master reseller hosting, unlimited cpanel hosting, Domain Registration, website with free hosting, ecommerce, SEO

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VEBNEST offer complete web solutions 24/7 including master reseller hosting @14.95$/month, linux master reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, unlimited master reseller hosting, domain registration, web design, ecommerce and search engine optimization

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vebnests, webnest

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Address: 6635 Commercial Blvd., Lauderhill, FL, 33160 USA E-mail: sales@vebnest.com

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Review of vebnest.com by VOLGHAN on 2011/04/23 at 10:29
VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 07/04/2011 07:19
Hi, Dear Support Team

when i want to create an email account for domain www.volghan.net i got this error:

Error: Unable to update the mail account properties:mailmng failed: MEAOPO.Mailbox.AddMailbox failed for name=info and domain volghan.net [volghan.net]

IP Address:
John Dairy
Staff 08/04/2011 03:02

Sir/madam We are working on it

It will take some time

When it get done we will inform you

Have some patience

Thanks for choosing VEBNEST

Best Regards
Sales Team
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VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 10/04/2011 09:30
Hi, Dear support team

Some of our clients use their mail accounts for business, what i must tell to them?

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 11/04/2011 00:00
how much i must be wait?
whats happened to email accounts?
is this for my clinets and my plan or all server clients have same?
i have about 30 clients and 50 email accounts what i must be tell to them? its about 4 days.

please send an answer at last

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 11/04/2011 00:05
its for 4 days no one can create email account, login to their web mails, receive or send mail.

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 11/04/2011 15:48
please let me know about cancellation form, i will get back my money and tell others about your services. this is my 2th ticket that did not answered for more than 4 days. your hosting service will destroy my business.

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 12/04/2011 09:59
Live Support Chat Transcript [www.vebnest.com]

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 03:44:06 -0500
Name: VOLGHAN Hosseini
Email: volghan@gmail.com
Company: VOLGHAN
Chat Reference Number: 23449

|04.12.11 03:44:06| Mike: Hello VOLGHAN Hosseini, my name is Mike, how may I help you?
|04.12.11 03:44:20| VOLGHAN Hosseini: hi
|04.12.11 03:44:26| Mike: yes
|04.12.11 03:44:49| VOLGHAN Hosseini: dear mike please please review this Ticket #859657
|04.12.11 03:50:36| Mike: ok wait |04.12.11 04:04:07| VOLGHAN Hosseini: ?
|04.12.11 04:04:29| Mike: sir i have forward it to admin
|04.12.11 04:04:38| Mike: they will reply you shortly
|04.12.11 04:04:47| Mike: have some patince
|04.12.11 04:04:50| VOLGHAN Hosseini: dear mike
|04.12.11 04:04:59| VOLGHAN Hosseini: please a min
|04.12.11 04:05:24| VOLGHAN Hosseini: |04.11.11 00:08:01| Mike: yes sir |04.11.11 00:08:17| Mike: i have forward your ticket to server admin he will reply you shortly |04.11.11 00:09:40| VOLGHAN Hosseini: does not server admin review my ticket in these 4 days?
|04.11.11 00:12:29| Mike: sir plz just for few time now |04.11.11 00:12:36| Mike: you will get reply via ticket |04.11.11 00:13:24| VOLGHAN Hosseini: thank you mike, i have use gmail account but my clients are forced me.
|04.11.11 00:13:32| VOLGHAN Hosseini: have a nice day/night
|04.11.11 00:13:36| VOLGHAN Hosseini: bye
|04.11.11 00:15:01| Mike: welcome |04.11.11 00:15:04| Mike: thanks |04.11.11 00:15:09| Mike: same to you |04.11.11 00:15:09| Mike: bye
|04.12.11 04:05:25| Mike: sure
|04.12.11 04:05:35| VOLGHAN Hosseini: is this your answer about 2 days ago?
|04.12.11 04:05:46| VOLGHAN Hosseini: when admin will be replay to me
|04.12.11 04:06:15| VOLGHAN Hosseini: anyway let me know how can i cancel my account and get back my money
|04.12.11 04:07:58| Mike: sir today you will get reply
|04.12.11 04:08:08| Mike: don't worry
|04.12.11 04:08:19| Mike: i will remine admin again
|04.12.11 04:08:25| Mike: to make you reply
|04.12.11 04:08:27| Mike: as soon as possible
|04.12.11 04:09:40| Mike: thanks for connecting
|04.12.11 04:09:47| Mike: have a nice day
|04.12.11 04:09:47| Mike: take care
|04.12.11 04:09:48| Mike: bye

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 20/04/2011 00:26
mike: hello
volghan: hi mike
mike: yes
volghan: its about 10 days or more my ticket is in hold #859657
volghan: i really need an answer
mike: ok wait let me check
volghan: ?
mike: sir i have forward your ticket to server admin
mike: he will reply you shortly
volghan: dear mike you have forwared it before
volghan: isnt?
volghan: about 5 days ago
volghan: i need answer now
volghan: in this chat
volghan: else i will Complaints on this company
volghan: ?????
mike: i have told you that your issue will resolve soon
volghan: when?
mike: there is some issue on windows server
volghan: what means soon?
volghan: 1 day
mike: so admin is checking now
volghan: 1 week
mike: he sill resolve it soon
volghan: 10 days
volghan: 1 year
volghan: ???
volghan: change my server
volghan: change my plan
volghan: and change everything its needed to solve
volghan: 10 days without mail service?
mike: update ticket for that

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 23/04/2011 03:07
Since 07/04/2011 07:19 ??????????? without mail service

VOLGHAN Hosseini
Client 23/04/2011 03:25
tell me your cancellation form url, i will do it by law
Review of vebnest.com by AndyJ on 2011/04/22 at 16:32

Since day one from buying there rs2 reseller package its been a night mare my sites kept going on and offline then the dns wouldnt resolve so my sites were down for over 3 hours yet i posted a support ticket and it took them 5 hours to reply!!!!! Crap server very overloaded out of 14 cpus 13 where being used so its hammered do not buy services from VEBNEST. also i requested to cancel my service and ask for a refund it took them till today to cancel it which ive waited for over a week each time i mentioned money back they kept closing my tickets i got a bit annoyed and threatened them because i was so annoyied still no refund ive just put it down to a loss now im hosting with a brilliant uk hosting company now with great support and great server speed :)
Review of vebnest.com by Budi on 2011/04/20 at 16:19
I have reseller account, registered since Feb 2011.
I can only use for 1 month, the rest is nightmare.
Their DNODE10 server was down at the end of March and I never get update for my account. I have just move to another webhosting.

This is their last email to me :
Dear Customers!

DNODE10 is down from last few hours due to HDD issue and we tried to recover with help of data center but it get failed everytime so now we decided to reinstall the server on new drive and restore accounts later after reinstallation from last backups in this regards server/service will not be avaialble for next 24 hours minimum. So please be patience and don't contact on live chat during there is nothing we can do urgent. Thanks for understanding. Thanks

Best Regards
Review of vebnest.com by Rahul on 2011/04/13 at 21:06
hi never buy hosting from vebnest. he is big cheater and you will loose all your sites
he is big cheater.
my all sites are down from 17 days. and he is from pakistan
never buy hosting from them.
Review of vebnest.com by Roma on 2011/04/10 at 10:41
I buyed from Vebnest Master Reseller MR3 package.
Its unlimited package . I opened 6 sites in account. After some times accounts start to suspend. The one day all my 6 sites hacked by anonim hacker group . And all my sites nulled.
In this time i buyed server from Detchland . And work with them.
Review of vebnest.com by Micheal John on 2011/04/08 at 08:05

mike: Welcome to VEBNEST Live Help, how are you doing today?
mike: hello
mike: welcome to VEBNEST
mike: how may i help you?
andrew smith: hi
andrew smith: Mike i have 12 small website .. i want some good maintenance contract with some company
andrew smith: secondly hosting services also require for them
mike: ok sure
mike: may i know which package do you want to buy?
andrew smith: 1GB space for each site is enough
mike: yes
andrew smith: ok what about your service & backup support
mike: sir we are working since 2006
mike: we have 2 top class data center
mike: The Planet and NOCHOST
mike: Both are located at USA Dallas
andrew smith: good
andrew smith: http://www.000webhost.com/directory/reviews/vebnest.com#bottom
mike: we have 85+ servers
mike: 30 days money back gurantee
andrew smith: have u seen the reviews
mike: 99.99% uptime gurantee
andrew smith: what is it ?
andrew smith: is this true or not ?
mike: yes sure sir
mike: 24/7 live support
andrew smith: this is true that VEBNEST is SHIT ?
mike: no sir
andrew smith: why you say yes
mike: i thought you are asking about our uptime gurantee
mike: thats why i said yes
mike: sir all are wrong
andrew smith: Do you know peoples ranked your company the least
mike: you can check on google or other search engine
andrew smith: Today some one Micheal John gave these comments
Well Shit Vebnest is situated in Pakistan in a very small room with one man show .. Rao Navved Hameed is the owner and he is the Marketing manager & also the Support Engineer . So be careful .. they are doing frauds from more than 100 peoples . They are Mother fuckers & teasing the clients .Office Address is listed below . He is from Pakistan not from USA .. so becareful.

andrew smith: Ur boss name is Mr rao? as per commernts
mike: no
mike: i have told you that we are working since 2006
mike: we have more then 2500 clients
mike: our company base at USA Miami
andrew smith: can u send me some registration proof of VEBNEST
andrew smith: Do u have clearence letter of paid tax from US Government last year ?
mike: yes we have
mike: but we can't show to any one
andrew smith: why you cant show your registration Mr MIke ?\
andrew smith: we want to built good relations
andrew smith: but we are very much afraid about the repute of this VEBNEST
mike: yes sure you can sir
mike: we have legal terms
mike: which every clients must follow
mike: we are legal company
andrew smith: why you are justifying ?
mike: we have world wide clients
andrew smith: i think it means you are doing illegal business and doing shit with innocent peoples
andrew smith: This is also crime dude
mike: mind your language
mike: i have told you all things
andrew smith: white collar scam from Pakistan
mike: if you feel satisfy then buy from us
mike: thanks
mike: buy
andrew smith: ok then on paki website
mike: go any where
The support operator has closed this support request.

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Rate Live Help Service: ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor
Review of vebnest.com by Micheal John on 2011/04/08 at 07:43

Please visit this one every thing will be cleared about this VEBNEST ...
Review of vebnest.com by Angelina on 2011/04/08 at 07:41
what to say about VEBNEST .. They were too stupid and un professional i have never seen in my 30 years of life . They posted the good reviews by themselves and attract the customers . Plesae never ever try this SHIT ..
Review of vebnest.com by Micheal John on 2011/04/08 at 07:33
Well Shit Vebnest is situated in Pakistan in a very small room with one man show .. Rao Navved Hameed is the owner and he is the Marketing manager & also the Support Engineer . So be careful .. they are doing frauds from more than 100 peoples . They are Mother fuckers & teasing the clients .Office Address is listed below . He is from Pakistan not from USA .. so becareful.

Office#1,1st Floor,
Bangsar Plazza,
Commercial Market,
Telephone : + 92 51 4422831

Review of vebnest.com by Jeff on 2011/03/24 at 21:18
Vebnest is the worst company ever. Took my money and never enable the service for me. Their tech/sale support disconnected me from the live support session after I brought up my issue. They never replied my support ticket either.

I have to go through all the hassle with PayPal in order to get my money back. I am still waiting for my money. For your own sake, please do not have any business relationship with this comapny.

Believe what other people said about this company. Don't be like me, took the chance and I lose!!!

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