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Veb Nest was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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master reseller hosting, Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited/Unmetered reseller hosting, unmetered master reseller hosting, unlimited cpanel hosting, Domain Registration, website with free hosting, ecommerce, SEO

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VEBNEST offer complete web solutions 24/7 including master reseller hosting @14.95$/month, linux master reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, unlimited master reseller hosting, domain registration, web design, ecommerce and search engine optimization

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vebnests, webnest

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Address: 6635 Commercial Blvd., Lauderhill, FL, 33160 USA E-mail:

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Veb Nest Reviews 2018

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Review of by Simranpreet on 2009/11/21 at 11:56
We appeal you strongly not to select Vebnest as your hosting provider, especially you belong to India, even Asia, beacause they said so. Your website will stop functioning 5-10 times a day. Even the emails. No support at all. Most of the times the chat support will appear to be offline. Ticket support system is the poorest. They will not listen to you. They will not refund your money. I agree with Khaleal. The are the REAL CHEATERS
Review of by Jameel on 2009/11/18 at 10:24
i am happy to start new business with the help of i bought master reseller mr-3 in just 99.99$/year and got free website with billing software i must say great offer and support cause they setup everything in just few hours and i am happy selling :) vebnest rocks
Review of by awaise on 2009/11/18 at 10:20
Great host with phone support, we are hosted at 16 cpu server unbelievable fast server with no down time we are not missing any clients we like there 24/7 support as we were new when we started and they helped us lot. thanks vebnest i must recommend to every one.
Review of by Marco on 2009/11/14 at 01:12
Cheap Price - and thats it, not worth 1$
- Sites get suspendet without any warning.
- Support tickets over days open, most time no response. If response then unfriendly
- Support skills are more them limited answers given are simply wrong.
- Availability of Server: ever 2nd day downtime.
If you really want to do business or resell Hosting i would not recomend since the support and the availability is not acceptable for any customer.
Better to invest a view bucks more for a real hosting with real support.
Review of by Khaleal on 2009/11/04 at 13:24
don't host with Vebnest because they are cheaters.
in the begining it was normall but after one week it started to be down and very loaded. and they always say that this is a video sharing sites.
i asked for my money and they told me that they'll move me to other server, but the other server was really terrible, this was after 31 day hosting with them.
i asked again for my money but they told me that the money back is only availble in the first 30 days.
after 3 terrible months with them i entered to my Master reseller and found it suspended with all accounts. i asked them for the reason but the say that i have insulted the support team, but the strange thing that i didnt enter the Internet or a complete 2 weeks. i asked them to reopen it but they said that i have to pay 1000$ to reopen it and they blocked me from the server and insulted me.
take my advice and don't host with them because they are cheaters

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