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Veb Nest was founded in 2006 and is now 11 years in business.

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master reseller hosting, Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited/Unmetered reseller hosting, unmetered master reseller hosting, unlimited cpanel hosting, Domain Registration, website with free hosting, ecommerce, SEO

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VEBNEST offer complete web solutions 24/7 including master reseller hosting @14.95$/month, linux master reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, unlimited master reseller hosting, domain registration, web design, ecommerce and search engine optimization

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vebnests, webnest

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6635 Commercial Blvd.,


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Veb Nest Reviews 2017

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Review of by Anka on 2012/10/12 at 20:59
I am victim of Vebnest. Please help me where can I report and file law suit against them? Is it possible file case against their data center
Review of by dinker on 2012/09/08 at 19:50 is biggest fraud in internet marketing Please every one beware from them and i request all of the victimised to file complaint against them at

It's FBI subsidiary and very active to teach bastard like they are pakistani people stealing money continuously.It have other websites like
they all own by so beware from them.
Review of by Farukh on 2012/09/08 at 07:42
You are now chatting with Mr. Mike (Sales and Support)
Mr. says:
Welcome to VEBNEST Live Help, how can i help you?
Mr. says:
Mr. says:
welocme to VEBNEST
Mr. says:
how may i help you?
keshaw says:
Actually i have planed to take master reseller but as i seen this i surprised !!!
keshaw says:
Are you Really fraud?
keshaw says:
Mr. says:
what do you mean?
Mr. says:
check on google you will see too many bad reviews about each web hosting company
Mr. says:
so all are fraud
Mr. says:
we are working since 2006
Mr. says:
we have world wide clients
keshaw says:
But about you its above 200 bad reviews
Mr. says:
if we are fraud so how we can continue this company think about
keshaw says:
there are some transcript too
keshaw says:
that shows evidence
Mr. says:
i have told you you can find bad max bad reviews about each company
Mr. says:
we also offer 30 days money back guarantee
keshaw says:
give me a example
Mr. says:
for what
keshaw says:
bad reviews of other hosting
Mr. says:
can find from google
keshaw says:
but what about transcript that is chat between you and your clients
keshaw says:
suppose if i take plane from you and i and sell to other and after some time you suspend my account what i will do all my data will be lost my clients will kill me..
keshaw says:
no reply from indicates negative
keshaw says:
Are you from Pk
keshaw says:
Hey you reply
keshaw says:
Reply otherwise you will be in great trouble
keshaw says:
I am going to file against you in FBI
keshaw says:
Do you remember Megavideo
keshaw says:
Its because Complain to
keshaw says:
I have recorded this conversation using camStudio and this and your all bad reviews will be sufficient for evidence
keshaw says:
Thanks have a nice
Review of by Fahrukh on 2012/09/08 at 07:36
These guys are really mother fucker they continuously doing fraud business using while label. I am their Master reseller customer. They Suspend my account after 5 month of registration. When i asked reason they says i violate their tos i asked which one they do not reply.So before going for them first sees all reviews.
Review of by Jack on 2012/08/26 at 11:06

Pure Fraud ! Stealing Money ! One Guy ! Rao NAVEED !
Review of by The Mafians on 2012/08/16 at 09:15

The above domains are owned by the Pakistan Crook... They have defrauded a lot of people and they will keep on defrauding because nobody is doing nothing. Please beware. Submit all your Complains to for real fight against this global thief. They claim the do it in the name of ALLAH... I wonder who is this ALLAH that teaches them how to steal. This must stop
Review of by Marvhost on 2012/08/16 at 09:07
VEBNEST ruinned me. I had an account with them, struggled to get customers, They hacked 3 of the accounts, suspend the ones they could and change the password of the main account,. I AM INTERESTED IN PUSHING A LEGAL CASE AGAINST THEM. PLEASE JOIN ME, MAIL YOUR COMPLAIN TO, it will be summed together and forwarded to my lawyers. One PAKISTAN CROOK cannnot keep defrauding everybody in the name of his ALLAH
Review of by Angel on 2012/08/13 at 13:12

...and few more blogs are pure fraud...they do never deliver a service..they steal money from this pages..
If you open a ticket they never answer..if you call on chat they are polite just if you want to pay..
Be is not a company but 2 guys one is RAO NAVED (some Pakistan fraudulent guy and some other) calling them self with US Names as jack,mike,john etc. (they even do not have capacity to set up different names but that usual names on TV :)

Be carefull for this pages and if you wish to do some good for hosting community..share this post..
Review of by RAO NAVED on 2012/08/12 at 18:03
Faud company. The downtime is always 2 to 3 days. Cheaters. Please don't get into there offers. Beware.

Whatever complaint you rais, always you get the below response from them. That too very late.

wait we are working in this issue so please wait thanks for your patience
Thanks for Choosing VEBNEST
Best Regards
Sales & Support Staff

Same company pure crap..fraud and stealing money..
Never providing what they offer !!
Only purpose is stealing money from these 3 pages
Review of by VIktor on 2012/08/09 at 19:08

Same company pure crap..fraud and stealing money..
Never providing what they offer !!
Only purpose is stealing money from these 3 pages

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