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Web Hosting Service was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Web-hosting-service.org -- The BEST Web Hosting Service by the #1 hosting provider: Free tPanel Hosting 100 MB space, 50 GB traffic, FREE customer Support

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Web-hosting-service.org -- The BEST Web Hosting Service by the #1 hosting provider: Free Hosting 50 MB space, 500 MB traffic, FREE customer Support.

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webhostingservice, web-host-service

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Web-Hosting-Service 4130 S. Vine Rd., Wasilla Alaska, 99654, USA. General Support: support@web-hosting-service.org

Web Hosting Service Reviews 2018

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Review of web-hosting-service.org by hashimoto on 2010/01/29 at 06:47
This site is great! I've been hosting with them for over a year now and the help is superb every time I have a question or a problem and the forum helps make it easier too.

The server is fast and as far as I remember, no down time, so it's reliable. It uses cpanel which is very easy to use, even if you don't really know what you're doing because there are video tutorials as well.

Overall a good host and worth signing up!

Review of web-hosting-service.org by LegendsCrazy on 2010/01/29 at 06:44
Number One Web Host!
I have been with Web-Hosting-Service.org since they began serving clients over two years ago. They have friendly and knowledgeable customer service, super fast servers and extremely reliable uptimes. Whatever your needs from free to paid plans their staff can work with you to get your website on the internet. This is where you want to host your website.

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