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was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

We are so tired about hosting providers who claim offering free service, while there are many hidden terms actually. is one of them. To signup, you will need to register on company forums and validate forum account first. Only then you may proceed with registration for hosting service, but even registration form is hard. Many required fields, including field to enter 100 words description about your website. So entering something like "this is my personal website" will not be enough. Does want you to become a professional writer, or what? If you will spend time following all these instructions, you will need to wait more. Even after filling out all these fields, validating accounts (both forum and hosting), application will be placed under manual review and it could be rejected. We recommend not to waste your time signing up with - our directory covers many more free hosting providers that provide much better service and doesn't require to complete tens of steps before getting service activated.

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