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Web Reseller was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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Reseller Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers by Webreseller.Net

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Sigma Host P.O. Box 1411 Exton, PA 19341 USA Email: sales@webreseller.net

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Review of webreseller.net by Rich on 2009/12/25 at 04:54
That is because they are out of business, and without notice I might add! Screw you is pretty much what they said to their customers when all the websites just disappeared!
Review of webreseller.net by Jim on 2009/12/17 at 15:00
I have been with them 6 years, I have no idea why, afraid of the 2 weeks work of switching 140 domains. They are SO BAD.

They will embarrass you!

This time, all domains down for 3 days they wont answer phones.
Time to move on, they lie, they cheat, they steal.

Honestly, I think they keep trying to squeeze an extra payment out of someone, but they don’t get it, then that someone tries do something to attack them and bring company down.

They always will try to screw someone who leaves, but in turn allot of those people I think will try to do something to screw webreseller.net up in return for screwing them., so they will try to screw with company which affects existing customers.
Bottom line, If webreseller.net quit trying to screw people out of money, they would not have people attacking there company, making other people leave, kind of cut off there nose in spite of there face.

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