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Web Serve was founded in 2001 and is now 17 years in business.

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Web Hosting Canada from $2.99/mo Canadian Web Hosting Vancouver Web Hosting in Vancouver Hosting Canadian Domain Registration web hosting canada Exchange Hosting, SharePoint hosting, BlackBerry Hosting, VPS Hosting Hosted Exchange Canada Vancouver BC Mana

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Canadian web hosting in Canada, Canadian Domain Name Registration and Business Website Hosting Provider in Vancouver BC Canada by WebServe Canada Canadian Hosting provider, web hosting from Vancouver to Toronto.

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Email: info@webserve.ca

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Review of webserve.ca by susan martin on 2017/08/01 at 23:34
I wish to cancel the contract and have until tomorrow to get my money back I have to get into my billing account to do that but it keep invalidating any login information I put in. I click to reset my password it send me a code through email. I put that code in and i'm told it is an invalid code. Every time I responded it bounces. I'm wondering if they are trying to slow me down from cancelling. After submitting this can I expect a reply from anyone?
Review of webserve.ca by Sandra on 2014/01/27 at 15:26
I have not purchased services from this company, but have inquired about their service. Their online chat was down when I looked, but it is up now. Their phone line works today as well (I did not try yesterday). I emailed them and received a reply in 14 hours, but my email went in on a Sunday so it may be a little slower response because of that. I really do want to give a Canadian company a try, but will do more research to see if I can find any other reviews first.
Review of webserve.ca by G W on 2013/08/12 at 23:18
by G (eden2.ca) on 12 August 2013

have you tried to phone this server company ?: the phone is now out of service-----phone it and see what happens Online chathelp and support is also offline now too they took my money last night and now I asked for a full refund since its less than 24 hrs and they want to charge me a $25 cancellation fee
Review of webserve.ca by Macalypse Elder on 2013/04/30 at 22:42
All of their contact phone numbers are out-of-service. Tried again a week later -- still out-of-service. Makes it awful difficult to buy their services.

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